Sound of Freedom

Agenda 21 Debra Tavares – I have followed Deb Tavares for years and her website is a treasure trove of information. I had shared this interview a long time ago so most of you have probably not heard it. Gerry O’C reminded me of this presentation and thought I would share it again. This presentation is about 10 years old. But it all surely sounds exactly like what we are experiencing right now. Later in the presentation she talks about the plans for CA but remember this is a global plan and must be consistent. CA was one of the beta sites so they are way ahead of the curve. Make note of the target dates she talks about. One of them is 2020. Gee, now what has happened since 2020. Hmmm……gas stoves now cause children to be sick. Really?? COVID was the lie they used and are using to move forward these plans. And the WHO will become the military arm of the UN. This is why if you look at these climate action plans in every city, county, state are all the same. To understand some of my comments you will have to take the time to watch the entire video. – 1 hr. 35 min. VIDEO

If you have not yet gotten your tickets for “Sound of Freedom” please help the fight against child sex trafficking. There is also a “pay it forward” option. This is a true story of a hero that spent years fighting the sex trafficking of children. The part is played by the very Christian, patriotic Jim Caveizel. At one time you could use the promo code ANGEL10 for 10% off your ticket purchase but not sure if that offer is still available but the tickets are already reasonably priced. The goal is to sell 2 million tickets before the movie opens on July 4th. 2 million tickets for 2 million children that are trafficked each year. For obvious reasons they do not want this movie to be successful and it has taken several years to get it on movie screens. LINK

Proof The WHO New Unedited Pandemic Treaty Is A Threat To International Law Norms And As A Result It Is VOID. Don’t Stress. Just Sue The WHO & Nullify It All. – ARTICLE

The last peaceful solution to the assault coming to our freedom and liberty. So far I have published just 2 Substack posts asking for folks to sign up and learn about Nullification/Anti-Commandeering Doctrine and to provide help when the time comes. PLEASE sign up and PLEASE share. If 100 people could get 100 friends, neighbors and relatives to sign up we would make our goal of 10,000 Subscribers. If 1,000 people just got 10 people to sign up we would make our goal.


Anti-Commandeering Doctrine

Monty Python from 1970’s – but very relevant today – 3 min. VIDEO

Russia Discovers Something Terrifying in Ukraine Lab – Given the fact that Ukraine is the most corrupt country in all of Europe (illegal organ harvesting, illegal medical experiments on their people, sex trafficking, money laundering just to name a few) and given the fact that that US has been their partner in crime for many decades and given the fact that the US funded several BSL4 labs in Ukraine I find this information credible. For the WHO/UN/WEF to move the agenda to its final stage they must invoke the ultimate fear among the people of the world. The fake COVID scamdemic was just a test to see how fear would render people to give up their freedom and allow them to inject an untested substance into their body with little resistance. Now just imagine if a pathogen were released with a 40% death rate. It is a sad day when I believe Russia before my own government. Get some Ivermectin and HCQ in the house. ARTICLE

The Vax-Gene Files: An Accidental Discovery – If this is proven to be valid some heads need to roll but will they??? Anyone with half a brain knows these injections were never about health but still today with all the proof we do have they just continue their depopulation agenda. ARTICLE


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