Sir Kier Starmer – Then As Now Casting A Blind Eye To Rules Based International Torture


Many more US  torture images here.

Revealed: After clearing MI5 of torture, Keir Starmer attended its chief’s leaving party

Guantánamo Bay prisoner payouts a first step to ending legacy of torture

Government agrees compensation for 16 former detainees as it seeks to draw a line under British complicity in abuses…….
The government insisted today that it had started to draw a line under the legacy of complicity in rendition and torture that it inherited from the Labour administration by settling claims brought by 16 former Guantánamo inmates………

However, in settling the claims brought by the former Guantánamo inmates, the government has effectively turned off the steady drip of highly damning documents that were being disclosed at the high court during proceedings.

Before the deal was done just 900 of these so-called “torture papers”, from a cache said to number up to 250,000 documents, had been extracted by the claimants’ lawyers. Nevertheless, those that were disclosed confirmed that senior ministers, including Tony Blair and Jack Straw, were closely involved in the decisions that resulted in the men being abducted and illegally “rendered” to the US prison camp.

History Repeats

Starmer along with UK PM Sunak have pledged their unending support for the US’s proxy regime in Ukraine.

There are many reports of the Ukranian regime torturing their victims.

The BBC who stand accused of bias fail to report any of this.

Torture Chambers Created By Ukrainian Nazis In Luhansk People’s Republic (Video 18+)

Here is an interview of a civilian who fell victim of Ukrainian Nazis in Polovinkino. According to his claims, civilians were not severely tortured, unlike volunteers of the People’s Militia of the LPR:

In March 2022, the People’s Militia of the LPR found another torture chamber in the basement of a house in the village of Krykovka in the LPR. A body of a tortured civilian was found in the room. The man was killed on the eve of Ukrainian retreat from the area. He was shot dead in his head after he was tied up and tortured.

VIDEO – Rules Based International Torture



Mere torture and murder pale into insignificance when we consider how elements of the Zelensky regime have abducted civillians and their own wounded troops in order to steal their bodyparts for sale in the USA and Europe.

Starmer, Sunak and the BBC remain conspicuous in their silence !


Elizabeth Debruke DUTCH

Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs-Saakashvili (also spelled Saakasjvili, Dutch pronunciation: [a] born 23 December 1968) is a Dutch – Georgian activist and diplomat who was the First Lady of Georgia from 2004 to 2013, when her husband Mikheil Saakashvili was president of the country . Biography  – Wikipedia
















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