Russian envoy refuses to remove ‘Victory Day’ ribbon despite mob surrounding him in Warsaw | Watch

Olga Tarasova-Chelpanova
Just came in: “A crowd at the memorial cemetery in Warsaw prevented the Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreev and other Russian diplomats from laying wreaths to commemorate the victims of WWII. The polish demanded that the russian diplomats remove the St. George ribbon from their jackets. Last year, ambassador Andreyev was doused with paint during the laying of flowers at the cemetery of Soviet soldiers in Warsaw” (RIA News) Nevertheless, thanks to some wonderful people from Poland, such as our lovely Ania K, the true History will prevail, and our memory of our fathers and grandfather’s sacrifices will live eternally. But we have to work on it, teach our children the TRUTH, and don’t give up on it!!! Thank you, Ania! And a Happy Victory Day, to you all!!! 🎆🎇💐