Reduce your intake of plastics

Reduce Your Dependency on Plastic

It can be extraordinarily difficult to avoid plastic, considering most food and consumer goods are enshrined in plastic packaging. However, you can certainly minimize your dependency on these products. For example, consider:

Opting for products sold in glass containers rather than plastic whenever possible.
Looking for plastic-free alternatives to common items such as toys and toothbrushes.
Choosing reusable over single-use — This includes nondisposable razors, washable feminine hygiene products for women, cloth diapers, glass bottles for your beverages, cloth grocery bags, handkerchiefs instead of paper tissues, and using an old T-shirt or rags in lieu of paper towels.
Drinking filtered tap water rather than bottled water, and bringing your own refillable bottles when going out.
Buying glass food storage containers rather than plastic ones.
Bringing your own reusable cloth shopping bags.
Bringing your own glass dish for leftovers when eating out.
Skipping the plastic cutlery and using your own silverware when buying take-out.