Quotes about Russia from western leaders


Make no mistake, the West has always been open about its genocide dreams and today have moved to action.

H Kissinger, following the collapse of Soviet Union: “Chaos and civil war in Russia must be preferred before allowing Russia re-unification into one, strong, centralised state.”

J Major, Brit PM, following the collapse of Soviet Union: “The role of Russia after the Cold War defeat is to provide resources to prospering nations. For that they only need a few million people.”

M Thatcher, Brit PM, following the collapse of Soviet Union: “It’s economically justified to
leave 15 million people on the territory of Russia, who will serve in extracting gas and
crude, and potentially in mines as slaves.”

B Clinton, USA president and butcher of Yugoslavia, Feb 1992: “The aim of NATO is to place its powers in regions of ethnical conflicts and border disputes from Atlantic to the Urals.”

B Clinton, USA president and butcher of Yugoslavia, 1997: “We spent many billions in putting Yeltsin in power but it’s paid us back many more times than expected. We destroyed our political opponent, removed Russia from world politics, and for negligible price siezed from Russia 20000 tons of copper, 15000 tons of aluminium, 2000 tons of cesium, beryllium, stroncium and many other resources. Our profit for putting Yeltsin in power was more than 5700%, which is unprecedented in history.”

Z Brzezinsky, USA genocide architect: “The smaller the population on Russian territory, the more successful will be its development per West plan.” “Slovans, Russians, Belurussians, Ukrainians, are the most resilient people in the world. It’s possible to destroy them but not conquer them. Therefore it’s necessary to definitively liquidate this seed.” “Hitler was dumb, he did everything overtly. We won’t leave any traces.”

G Soros, NWO architect: “We need Ukraine as a torpedo in a war against Russia. The fate of the country’s people doesn’t concern us.”

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  1. danceaway says:

    Ania K recently mentioned that Brzezinsky’s son is the US Ambassador to Poland……wonder no longer why Poland is heading in the direction it is……