Prigozhin says Zaluzhny not visible maybe dead

(30) The Donbass Zugzwang | Wagner Will Go Further. Military Summary For 2023.05.19 – YouTube

no new images of ukraine’s commander in chief published since missile strike targeted him five weeks ago, says Dima of military summary channel.  Prigozhin believes he may have been killed while visiting the front, when he was targeted with intelligence providing his location.

“Commentary by Prigozhin on the disappearance of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny: – On May 10-11-12, Zaluzhny was within range of the Wagner artillery; – At the same time, a number of “events” were held; – How successful they are is still unclear; – The result of the “Dance activities” held on May 2 is still unknown. 👉And Zalushny has gone quiet…strange indeed.” (Masno)