Please don’t fall for fakes

Remy Lind: “Briefly about Bakhmut: Rough overview because I can’t/may not say too much at the moment, I was informed. Overall there are no major changes. Heavy fighting along Larysy Shepitko Street, Olympic School Area and the Post Office. To the south, on the other side of Chajkovskogo Street and around the monument to the plane, fierce fighting is also raging.

The high rise buildings are heavily shot through by artillery. Likewise the area of the children’s hospital. On the flanks, hellish battles are raging in the Khromovo and Ivanivske areas. Positions change hands here every hour. UA attempts counterattacks in some areas. These only serve to slow down Wagner’s advance. Regained areas, UA can only hold for 2-3 hours and then has to retreat again as the pressure from Wagner becomes too great again. Since the afternoon, however, the artillery fire from UA has noticeably increased, which slows down and complicates Wagner’s advance somewhat.

Both sides have recruited a certain manpower. Wagner wants to take Bakhmut as soon as possible. They know the UA offensive is imminent.

UA has also built tremendous manpower in the Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka and Chasiv Yar metropolitan areas. They may want to try to bypass Bakhmut to encircle Wagner from the flanks. To be honest, I think so too now. We’ll see in the next few days. When certain operations have started, I can say more again. But it’s still too early for that now. It may be that I can say more tomorrow, will show up tomorrow during the night and during the day.

But UA has not yet launched a massive attack in Bakhmut. And Wagner hasn’t lost any major territory either.

Please don’t fall for fakes. Media operations are now also increasingly picking up speed from UA. Don’t believe everything that is told. You don’t have to believe everything I say, but I think I’ve always been right about Bakhmut because of my contacts. Wagner knows what it is doing and it will lead to success.” (Remy Lind)