Nullify WHO Treaty. English Independence would open up this option.

Very good interview with RFK Jr. and Gen. MacGregor about the Ukraine/Russia battle. I hope the General opened RFK Jr.’s eyes about the corrupt Ukraine and the real story of what is taking place. RFK Jr. has been very sympathetic to Ukraine which is very misguided. I would really like to know why RFK Jr.’s son is in Ukraine fighting for their side???? Thanks Marcus. 32 min. VIDEO

This 4 minute video proves climate change and global warming are a complete LIE. 4 min. VIDEO

Owner of Michigan horse farm who refused to sell property to Chinese firm placed UNDER INVESTIGATION by government – it is such a disgrace that more land owners have not refused to sell their land to the Chinese. EVERY business owned by the Chinese is controlled by the CCP. China is not America and when you sell to the Chinese you are selling American land to the CCP. ARTICLE

State of California Found Guilty of Gross Human Rights Violations – ARTICLE

Is WHO a Front Organization for the Takeover of U.S. Government? – I do not agree that our courrupt government supporting with the amendments to the IHR and/or the Pandemic Treaty would steal our sovereignty. That happens only if we allow it to happen. Our government is not authorized to agree to any international agreement/treaty if the terms of that agreement violate our Constitution. Of course they can and will break the law but that is where “We The People” need to step up and invoke Nullification. Do not believe anyone that tells you Nullification is not legal because that is not true. Nullification has been used many times in the US. The Trans Texas Corridor was stopped using Nullification. Get educated on Nullification. Thomas Woods wrote a good book on the subject. Start talking to your state legislators. ARTICLE

TAP.  The UK is just another corrupt Federal Governemnt same as Washington DC.  If England went independent we could nullify the illegal acts of Westminster.  Support the English Democrats.