Moscow’s WHO masochism

Moscow’s WHO masochism

Unpacking Russia’s performance at the 76th World Health Assembly


They won’t stop until everyone is nice and healthy.

On May 22, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Health Sergey Glagolev addressed the 76th World Health Assembly, held in Geneva, on behalf of Moscow and Minsk.

His speech wasn’t very long, so I’ve decided to break it down line-by-line:

  • “On behalf of the Union State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, I have the honor to congratulate the member countries of the organization, and all WHO employees, on the anniversary of our Organization and note its role in strengthening the health of the world’s population.”

The WHO is “strengthening the health of the world’s population”? Citation desperately needed.

  • “We hope that this organization and its member states are able to develop and achieve their goals, primarily the SDGs [Sustainable Development Goals], progress towards which has been slowed down by the coronavirus pandemic.”

Second sentence of the speech, and Moscow is already preaching about SDGs.

  • “We note that over the past three years, the pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge to the whole world, revealing many problems and vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, in overcoming the current pandemic, when the highest degree of cohesion, mutual assistance, coherence of actions and the rejection of selfish practices were required, some countries preferred to look for the guilty and politicize the situation. Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties and problems that have been revealed, the world managed to cope with this severe blow and save millions of lives, which became possible only thanks to mutual support and cooperation.”

Russia’s natural population decline totaled more than 1 million people in 2021—a figure that hasn’t been seen since 1945. This impressive crime was accomplished by suspending routine medical care, forcing an unproven genetic injection on the population, and by waging a sustained campaign of socioeconomic terrorism (in the form of QR codes, arbitrary restrictions on businesses, etc.).

It’s cute that Moscow is now sermonizing about how the world just barely “coped” with the “pandemic”.

Yes, how could we have survived without the life-saving guidance of the WHO?

If anything, the Russian people should be applauded for heroically “coping” with their government’s murderous “public health” policies. The same holds true in all countries, obviously.

As for the “politicization” of COVID—is Moscow still complaining that there weren’t enough vaccines, ventilators, and masks for Africa? Maybe?

  • “We especially welcome the work of the PRC [People’s Republic of China] on a timely and effective response to the pandemic and large-scale assistance to states in need.”


  • “We cannot help but pay attention to the large-scale facts of corruption that are being revealed around pharmaceutical giants, related, among other things, to the desire to limit the drug market, turning it into an ‘elite club’, depriving the population of countries of the opportunity to access the latest drugs at affordable prices. Attention is also drawn to the growing concern about the safety of prequalified vaccines, which requires close study with the formation of appropriate conclusions and improvement of market authorization procedures.”

Moscow is suggesting that expedited genetic experiments might have consequences … 2.5 years after they were forced on the global population—including the Russian people.

Did Russia’s omnipotent health authorities experience some kind of profound revelation? Because the rushed “science” that was used to produce COVID “vaccines” was just as depraved in 2020 as it is today.

Back in 2020, Kirill Dmitriev, WEF Young Global Leader, and the head financier of Sputnik V, was gushing about all the Big Pharma clot-shots:

Kirill Dmitriev, the CEO of RDIF, detailed the genesis of Moscow’s partnership with AstraZeneca during an interview with CNN on December 17, 2020.

Moscow’s partnership with AstraZeneca to develop a “Russian” COVID vaccine (two months before Sputnik V was revealed to the world), and its subsequent policy of partnering with Big Pharma to test the efficacy of clot-shot “cocktails”, is all you need to know about its concerns about “safety” and “market authorization procedures”.

Anyway, if these concerns are genuine, why not start by pulling provably unsafe Sputnik V from the market?

Or, at the very least, how about releasing the Phase III clinical trial data for Sputnik V—basic information that, to this day, is still not public?

Dr. Alexander Redko recently sent a letter to the Ministry of Health asking for this apparently extremely sensitive data. Why is it so difficult for the Ministry of Health to share what should be benign (and reassuring!) trial results? It’s a mystery!

Sorry, but I don’t buy Moscow’s pearl-clutching about vaccine authorization protocols, mostly because Russia has liberalized its own protocols.

In October, the Ministry of Health approved a completely insane new rule, which allows for “updated” genetic COVID “vaccines” to be approved and released to the public, almost without testing, in as little as 16 days.

Moving on.

  • “Now that we have overcome the acute phase of the crisis, the issue of global post-COVID socio-economic recovery, primarily of developing countries, and not of the ‘golden billion’, remains relevant. This will require even greater cohesion from the countries, abandoning the sectoral interests of individual groups of states seeking to consolidate global inequality. Today, equal access to technologies and research is especially needed, which many states are deprived of due to unreasonable sanctions and corporate lobbies.”

All of Russia’s elites are part of the “golden billion”. You, on the other hand, are not.

This “golden billion” meme has been expertly wielded by Moscow to try to convince the proles that the Eastern Oligarchy is selflessly fighting for the common man against the Western Oligarchy.

If you think Russian elites (who lord over a country where 20% of the population live in poverty, or near-poverty) are going to save you from American elites (who, coincidentally, rule over a population where 20% of the population is malnourished), well—good luck with that, friend.

As Iain Davis detailed in “The Patrushev Oversight”, both Washington and Moscow specialize in awe-inspiring projection.


  • “The Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus are ready to provide assistance and cooperate with all countries on the principles of solidarity, equality and respect for international law in the search for mutually acceptable solutions to enter the positive dynamics of sustainable development and expand international cooperation in the field of global health to prevent future pandemics.”

More “sustainable development”, mixed with more word salad.

  • “Unfortunately, we note the disturbing notes of the ongoing politicization of the Organization, an example of which is the blatant deprivation of the Russian Federation of the sovereign right to act as the host country of the WHO Geographically Distant Office for the Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases during the special session of the Regional Committee, which took place on May 15 this year. The above NCD Office was funded by the Russian Federation and has successfully provided assistance to countries in need to overcome the burden of noncommunicable diseases for 10 years. The decision taken by the special session is contrary to the spirit of cooperation of the organization and the Charter (Constitution) of WHO. A precedent has been set for shutting down projects solely for the political interests of a narrow group of states.”

Yes, this is Russia complaining, instead of rejoicing, that the WHO closed one of its offices in Moscow.

  • “An equally important issue is the promotion by the WHO secretariat of the concept of a ‘third sex’ in WHO documents. This is consistent with the agenda of the collective West to impose on the population of the countries of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East patterns of behavior uncharacteristic of national foundations, forming hotbeds of local tension. In the vast majority of WHO member countries, the existence of only two biologically recognized sexes, men and women, is enshrined at the legislative level. It (the concept of the ‘third sex’) is also not enshrined in the fundamental international documents of the UN, where the concept of gender is covered in its traditional sense—a man and a woman. The concept of the ‘third sex’ does not have a generally recognized recognition, is not agreed upon by the member countries and does not have the comprehensive support of the world community. We also note that the concept of the ‘third sex’ is contrary to the ethno-cultural way of life, religious ethics, national traditions and social norms of most of the WHO member countries. We express concern about the possible decline in the importance of the institution of the family, traditional family values.”

Credit where credit is due: At least Moscow is taking a stand against the West’s “gender fluid” pronoun police. Sure, it’s a low bar, but it’s something. And something is better than nothing.

And that’s the speech.

It was not particularly well received among the medical freedom community in Russia.

The Russian Telegram channel Stop Vaczism shared a succinct summary of Glagolev’s performance:

In his speech, the deputy of Russia’s medical fascist minister, Mikhail Murashko, kissed ass, praised China, lamented the closure of one of the WHO offices in Moscow, expressed concern about the WHO’s course towards general pederasty, and even hinted that something had gone wrong with the safety of “prequalified” vaccines, drawing attention to corruption in Big Pharma (Western, of course). […]

What this obstinate servant of the globalists did not mention was the hundreds of thousands killed in our country alone by poisonous “vaccines” and WHO treatment protocols. […]

[And] it is telling that Glagolev did not say anything about the Pandemic Treaty.

Indeed, it is quite interesting that Moscow had absolutely nothing to say about the various sovereignty-stripping WHO treaties and regulations currently under consideration.

A very thorough analysis of the Pandemic Treaty was published recently by Russian alt-media site (and popular Telegram channel) Ivan Tea.

The outlet came to a rather grim conclusion:

In the near future, the WHO plans to complete work on defining the contours of the global system for managing national health systems, creating a mechanism for supranational control and monitoring in the field of medicine, economic and technological development of health care. […]

One cannot ignore that these global decisions will be made in the interests of world players in the field of healthcare, which, among other actors, are Western governmental and non-governmental organizations and transnational corporations.

It’s true that Moscow has signaled in the past that any new WHO agreement should not interfere with the sovereignty of member states. But there is mounting evidence that this is empty rhetoric, or that Moscow was persuaded to change its position. I’ll return to this topic in more detail in a forthcoming post.

No signs of Moscow withdrawing from the WHO (but at least Murashko’s term on the Executive Board ended?)

Meanwhile, basically every patriotic Russian media outlet has been screaming about Moscow’s self-mutilating decision to remain in the WHO.

Katyusha typed up a good piece detailing how, despite the WHO ritually humiliating Moscow, the Ministry of Health has done everything in its power to placate the Global Health Gods.

Similar articles can be found across the Russian-language media space.

When the SMO kicked off in February 2022, Russian activists launched a grassroots campaign to withdraw, or at least suspend, Moscow’s WHO membership.

However, it quickly became clear that the Russian government wasn’t interested. As this blog has documented again and again, Moscow continues to be a willing co-star in any and all global biosecurity theater productions.

I guess the one piece of good news is that Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko’s term on the WHO Executive Board ended. (No, there is no deeper meaning here—British virus gremlin Chris Whitty also lost his spot as part of a standard rotation process).

The list of WHO Executive Board members (Europe) from March (left); the current list of members from Europe (right). Murashko and his esteemed colleague from the UK, COVID ogre Chris Whitty, were replaced by delegates from Switzerland and Ukraine.

So, going forward, I will no longer refer to Murashko as a member of the WHO’s Executive Board.

Instead, I will call him “the health-preserving hero who compared QR codes to a trendy new clothing style”.

See? Things are getting better.

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