‘Moderate’ Muslims

Long time members of this blog will know that I’ve spent many years working in Muslim countries, from Egypt to Pakistan and all stops in between. You will also be aware that I’m not a fan of the Religion Of Peace. Having said that my experience is by no means all negative. I have many pleasant memories of friends and acquaintances from those countries, with Oman holding a special place in my affections.

Now all of us have heard the following, or a variant of it. “We must distinguish between the terrorists and ordinary Muslims. I know plenty of Muslims who take a beer, don’t go to a mosque, enjoy discos, are great fun….just like any of us”.  All well and good. Apart from the last bit. Because apart from some rare exceptions they are not ‘like any of us’. This truth can be established through the simple expedient of making a joke about the “Prophet” or Islam generally. Do that (not advised) and watch the transformation in your fun-loving hedonist. The realisation will dawn that in fact he is different, very different, and not in a reassuring way.

My experience has lead me to believe that an Islamic upbringing actually changes the chemistry of the brain, fossilises the neural pathways so that the brain is literally incapable of processing certain offending thoughts or concepts. I have had highly intelligent Muslims (technology PhD level from good Western universities) argue that the “Prophet” actually did head off into the skies on his horse and subsequently engage in a series tense (and successful!) negotiations with Allah Himself.  Attempting to dissect the inherent nonsense of such a position is not advised as it will quickly – very quickly – lead to a state of open and probably permanent animosity.

Also bear in mind that as a community Muslim behaviour is predicated directly on their proportion of the population. When it’s tiny, as it is in Ireland right now, Muslims will generally be enthusiastic supporters of  freedom and tolerance of every kind, especially that of the religious variety. But they become progressively more demanding as they proportionally increases, to the point where they begin to run parallel societies (France, Sweden) and ultimately force their own rules and mores on the host population. Nothing but a major prohibition on further Muslim immigration to the West will be sufficient. Those countries already in the 10%+ range are doomed short of mass deportations.

All of which justifiably points the spotlight at those nation-wreckers who have foisted this recklessly dangerous social engineering project on the people of the West. In a just world they’d face the most severe form of retribution.



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  1. ian says:

    Another layer of destruction. I, as most will know, live in a rural village, which, much to the chagrin of outsiders who move in, isn’t what they expect it to be. Poor people, and little to do, and an odd old mole catcher guy who’ll talk to you for ages if he catches you out. We have only recently, 10 or so years noticed an influx of mainly, Eastern Europeans, “mostly ok”, white flight from Dan Saf, mostly superior assholes, and a few Africans mostly from Mozambique, who work in the tourist industry as chefs etc, again ok and very pleasant. I have however met a bunch of Serbians at Carlisle. I talked to the one who could speak English and was ok, but to my annoyance and his embarrassment, the others were very difficult. There were only five or six so I could have taken them, but, “just kidding”.

    I wasn’t always happy with life, or our country before, but to quote Joni Mitchell, You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and I’d I’d happily go back to what we had. Sadsville Arizona I know.

  2. Steve Kettle says:

    I’ve always thought Islam was more of a cult than a religion. Not that I’m a religious man anyway, why do you need a third party to converse with your creator?
    It makes God/Allah out to be very narcissistic if he requires you to kneel down and pray to him is it 5 times a day and constantly pronounce God is great.
    As for being the “Religion of Peace”, what a laugh, the history of conversion was one of forced conversion or get your head chopped off…. There also seems some evidence that Muhammad was in fact of Jewish origin.
    God help us if they ever become a majority in this country.

    • Gordon says:

      Very true but at least their banking system based on Sharia Law is better than the Jew con we have.

      • Steve Kettle says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong Gordon but didn’t the Christian religion ban usury as well before it was corrupted by the usual suspects?

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          According to the scriptures then, Jesus turned over the money lenders tables in the temple didn’t he. So he was anti usury and probably the original Christians were too. But the Romans became involved and created their satanic church and that story was not really emphasised any more

          I read somewhere once that the basilica in Rome is on the site of an ancient satanic temple. I can’t find any evidence for that now [internet ain’t what it used to be. Search engines are 100% corrupted now, it’s memory holed]

          But I am very sensitive to atmosphere in buildings, always have been. When I bought my various houses I went by those feelings rather than just the money

          And both times that I visited St Peters then, I sensed that it is an evil place. So much so that I had to leave pdq without a proper look around. The first time when I was only 21, and had no idea about any of this stuff. My instincts told me to get out of there, so I did

          • ian says:

            Very interesting Pete, re your sensitivity to atmosphere. I get vivid dreams of events far away sometimes. I’ve mentioned them before on Tap. A few people who I speak to get various “psychic”, abilities or whatever. A woman who I spoke with for an hour or so yesterday, was abused by care home staff, and by her adoptive father. We started off talking about her boyfriend, a mate of mine though much younger, who’s just came out of Re-hab for drug abuse. We got onto living off grid, and the state of the world etc etc. She mentioned that he’s waiting to see a psychologist. I said that I’d seen one and to me, they’re a waste of time. They’re unaware, or mine was, of how the world works and thought that I needed to be more trusting of TV etc. She agreed and told me about her life. Really disturbing. She however is psychic and gets premonitions that turn out true. I was recently at a funeral, and met the son of the deceased, a cousin of mine. He too was psychic. I feel that we have powers which are pretty common but never talked about.

            • pete fairhurst 2 says:

              Yes Ian, I think that the ancients were far more tuned in to nature too. And that, what are now called “paranormal” powers, are really natural powers, and that they were far more commonplace then than now

              We’ve been desensitised and dumbed down for the last several Millenia. Ever since the usurers took control of the food supply and the gold to implement their monopoly “growth” paradigm. It’s not growth at all, just very obvious destruction and plunder. Their numbing poisoning has gone exponential with modern culture hasn’t it, we must be the most desensitised humans of all time

              Prompted by Thomas Sheridan’s excellent musings on You Tube [Thomas is a pagan and he is very well tuned into this stuff] I recently read a book about the Irish Druids who were the ancient Irish holy men and women, before the Romans arrived. And who were very well tuned into this stuff too. They were supplanted by the Roman church but refused to concede and instead infiltrated the church and maintained their presence in the emerald isle to this day. They lived by natural law, the only useful law that there is. All the rest is man’s law, ie. a legal fiction, literally a fiction. Just like your birth certificate persona is, it’s not NOT real in any meaningful sense, it exists purely for mans law. It is NOT you the natural human at all. Its a mind f*ck to control you

              Tap knows a lot about the paranormal, far, far more than me. His autobiography [Angels and Devils – My extraordinary life] is a fascinating read. His multi generation family house once had to be exorcised of a ghost. His travels in Asia showed him paranormal phenomena too, and far more. It’s very well worth a look, he’s had quite a life. [It is under his birth name which I’m sure that you must know, if not then email me or him]

          • Steve Kettle says:

            You’ve only got to look at the Pope’s Audience Hall Pete to see what the RC Church is all about. Talk about in yer face.

        • Gordon says:

          Correct; but in Deuteronomy 23:19-20 the Israelites (collective tribes sons of Jacob-Israel) are told that when they settle in the land of Canaan that they must not charge any Israelite interest on anything. However, they could charge foreigners no more than 5% but if that foreigner was destitute and in need he must give freely.

          Acts 11:26 Tells us it was in Antioch that the disciples of Christ were first called Christians.