Meanwhile, In The US of A


Hancock, Sunak, Boris, Biden, Trudeau, Macron… an endless list of useless, tedious politicians, but at least Trump can be fun. I recall his inaugural press conference as US President; he called CNN and then BBC’s Jon Sopel ‘fake news…’
He held court for well over an hour, no notes, no autocue and batted away everything hurled his way. He may have made huge, stupid mistakes, like order the assassination of Iran’s Soleimani, but he did not start a new war.

I have friends, well, pre-covid1984 friends, who just can’t stand Trump. I asked, exactly why?
They never provided a definitive answer, they just hate him.
I ask myself, isn’t that simply prejudice, the very thing Trump is supposed to be accused of; his racism, sexism, white supremacy, his prejudice etc?

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