Kennedy to close 800 US bases and bring troops home

“US Foreign Policy Has Collapsed.” RFK Jr. Pledges to Close 800 US Bases and Bring American Troops Home

Biden is little more than a front man for a highly motivated team of political operatives led by former President Barack Obama or the diabolic WEF Klaus Schwab or some equally malevolent dark political entity, the country has been seized by the totalitarian clique as his administration targets the First Amendment as if free speech is tyrannical permitting government to criminalize political dissent. At the same time, the Biden Administration has allowed an invasion of titanic proportions at the southern border as UN-funded NGO’s threaten US sovereignty with an expected infiltration of up to one million illegals.

It is a fitting response to the discredited Democrats and its handlers that an exceptional Presidential primary challenger has emerged who is genetically opposed to the malicious agenda espoused by Biden and its authoritarian elite. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., of the prestigious political Kennedy clan, is the most superior and influential Democrat who could have entered the campaign; not because of his last name but rather because he is a gifted orator, an incisive thinker with a penetrating analytical mind and fortunate enough to be imbued with integrity and a strength of character.

Having viewed RFK’s speech at Hillsdale College on “Anthony Fauci and the Public Health Establishment,” at Dartmouth University on “College Covid 19 Mandates” and his interview as one of Tucker’s last guests, the American public would be wise to pay attention and listen closely to the most knowledgeable and talented extemporaneous Presidential candidate on the American political scene since….1963.

Author of The Real Anthony Fauci as well as a history of voluminous lawsuits all predicated on science have established Kennedy’s bona fides as a professional advocate  on Covid 19 and the methodical study of the material world known as ‘science.’  He is more knowledgeable than any other candidate with regard to all the implications of the  pandemic and its mandated minutiae of masks, distance, shutdowns, vaccinations, impacts on American culture and health of its children.

Kennedy’s accomplishments are extensive and remarkable as Founder, Chair and General Counsel of the Children’s Health Defense, Founder of the Waterkeepers Alliance, legal counsel at Morgan and Morgan personal injury law firm with a BA from Harvard, a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, an LLM from Pace University School of Law and studied at the London School of Economics. He is recipient of numerous awards with a forthcoming book entitled “The Wuhan Coverup: How US  officials Conspired with Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of Covid 19”.

RFK’s appearance at Hillsdale, the only college in the country that did not shutdown during the Covid Pandemic, occurred in early March just prior to his formal announcement as a candidate. An appreciative and receptive audience, Kennedy’s provided a wide ranging extraordinary presentation on a variety of formidable topics beginning with his efforts on behalf of the Hudson River Riverkeepers to clean up industrial pollution.

He especially focused on collusion between regulatory ‘captured’ state-federal agencies and powerful corporations like big Pharma, detailing the impacts of mercury and DPT vaccines on children and his experiences with Dr. Fauci. Kennedy outlined Covid related attacks on the Constitution including government imposed ‘arbitrary and capricious’ censorship to limit conversation about the truth of Covid including violations of freedom of assembly, enforced social distance w/no due process,  compulsory closing of churches with no supporting science and reiterated that ‘the Constitution is the heart and soul of this country.”

Adding that President Reagan’s agreement to provide full vaccine immunity as a liability shield (due to “unavoidable adverse side effects”) allowed that vaccines are the only medical product never required to conduct pre-licensing safety studies as Big Pharma has paid $35 billion in criminal penalties in last ten years. In addition, Kennedy cited a 1989 explosion in chronic health issues for children related to mandated vaccines.

As a lifelong student of the CIA, Kennedy identified the role of his grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy, former US Ambassador to the UK, who served on the Hoover Commission and voted to disband the CIA; thus beginning a sixty year Kennedy family fight with the CIA which led RFK to write “American Values: Lessons Learned from my Family.” He identified the CIA in developing bioweaponat Ft. Detrick including the anthrax attack during Patriot Act consideration in 2001. On JFK’s assassination, RFK shared that evil doer Allen Dulles who had been fired from the CIA, was quoted “I’m glad the little shit is dead. He thought he was a God.”

Kennedy’s Hillsdale appearance was followed by formal announcement of his candidacy in Boston which added current foreign policy and economic crisis to  his agenda questioning whether pushing Russia and China together is in US national interest and what is objective of the war.  Suggesting the US is in Ukraine ‘for the right reasons” although he questioned a nuclear exchange with a country that has more nukes and US prolonging the war is not a good idea. Like the majority of Congress including Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Kennedy would benefit from an in depth briefing by Scott Ritter and/or Colonel Doug MacGregor for a total understanding of the CIA initiated 2014 coup, Russia’s Special Military Operation and NATOs presence threatening Russian sovereignty.

RFK told the audience that after the Soviet Union collapse in 1990, the US never activated its peace dividend which was expected to decrease defense spending from $6 billion to $2 billion as the US made more foreign enemies around the world while increasing its military budget to $8.8 billion. Citing the economy as a source of American strength, ‘not bullets and weapons’ and that while the US spent $8 Trillion in Iraq, China built bridges, ports and infrastructure as it is displacing the US as a trading partner. “While China is earning good will, the US spends $800 Billion on the military.” Having lost Saudi Arabia as “our number one ally in the Shia Crescent”, which has been a key foreign policy objective in the Mideast, RFK suggested that “US foreign policy has collapsed and is no longer a coherent strategy.”

With de-dollarization, lowered oil production, Iraq now a proxy state of Iran, the entire US strategy in the Middle East has disintegrated. RFK suggested we need to do something FAST and committed to “close 800 US overseas bases and bring American troops home immediately in order to make the US an exemplary democracy again” as the Democratic party has lost its identity.

“The worse thing Trump did was the lockdown. In fairness, the bureaucrats rolled him on it; he did not want to do it. But that it not a good enough excuse. He was President of the United States. In May 2020, six hundred doctors sent a letter to Trump asking him to not do the lockdowns.”  He said “bureaucrats were coming after him; he had the right instincts.  He knew he shouldn’t close down the country but he didn’t; he got rolled by his bureaucracy. At this time in history, you need a President who can stand up to his bureaucracy.”

Kennedy pointed to Trump’s appointment of Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a well known  physician with ties to the pharmaceutical industry as an FDA Commissioner  in March, 2017 to eliminate some of the agency’s “regulatory burdens”. Two years later, on June 27, 2019, Gottlieb was elected to Pfizer’s Board of Directors to serve on its  Regulatory and Compliance Committee. According to US Federal Election Commission documents (page 163), Pfizer, Inc. donated $1 million to Trump’s Presidential Inauguration Committee on December 22, 2016 and received four tickets to the Leadership Luncheon with Cabinet appointees and House and Senate Leadership.

Only a political neophyte might not recognize the ‘coincidence’ that within days after RFK’s appearance as a Presidential candidate on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker was unceremoniously removed from his Fox program.

Kennedy called for an end to the “corrupt merger of corporate and state power,” also known as an embedded administrative state within the Federal government which controls implementation of almost every Federal program at will as they use their influence to create outcomes on behalf of their corporate entities. Kennedy identified the “corporate kleptocracy as a‘cushy socialism for the rich’ and a ‘brutal merciless capitalism for the poor.

He continued

“It keeps us in a state of  war, it bails out banks. Last month the Federal government told 30 million Americans they were cutting their food stamp checks by 90%. It took fifteen million people off Medicare, the same month it gave $300 million to the Silicon Valley Bank and tapped up cost of the Ukraine war to $113 billion. The entire budget of EPA is $12 billion, the CDC budget is $11 billion. The way we do this is printing money; we printed ten centuries of money in the last fourteen years.” We have raised food prices for basic foods like chicken, dairy, milk  by 76% in the last two years and now we’re cutting food stamps and bailing out banks in the same month. We need to get rid of this corporate control of our government.”

RFK’s appearance at Dartmouth was nothing short of a brilliant analysis as, given that the topic was part of a larger conference, he focused exclusively on health issues as related to government-industry collusion, the perversion of the science by government regulators, the explosion of chronic childhood diseases and that ‘vaccine effects are impervious to the facts or reality.”

RFK provided shocking and disturbing numbers as he is adamant that lockdown was not a success but an economic catastrophe that cost the US $16 Trillion according to a Harvard Study with a massive GDP drop for the next ten years. With 4.2% of the world population, the US had 16% of covid deaths shifting $4 Trillion from the American middle class to billionaires as 41% black businesses shut down permanently. Toddlers lost 22 IQ points during lockdown and many in need of remedial attention. The CDC revised its milestones that a toddler no longer walk at one year but now walk at 1.5 years.

Most impressive has been the quality of Kennedy’s scholarship, the level of his ability to identify essential data to his audience with no slipping and sliding around the unpleasant facts; never hesitating to be straight, true and factual in the belief that all citizens needed to have access to the same information he is familiar with.

In conclusion, RFK:

“Any power that government takes will never be returned voluntarily, every power government will abuse to the max possible and no one ever complied their way out of totalitarianism = the only way is to resist.”


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Renee Parsons served on the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and as president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, staff in the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, an environmental lobbyist for Friends of the Earth and a staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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