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One Response to “Image Only, they’ve been up early.”

  1. Gordon says:

    Yesterday here in Scottish Borders we experienced a Sundog and Chembow. I say “Chembow” because the scientific world would have us believe what I was seeing was a Parhelic sunlight refraction at 22° of high atmospheric ice crystals but the reality is at this time of year (summer) high altitude ice crystal formation would be unlikely. Therefore, what I witnessed yesterday was indeed refracted sunlight but not on high atmospheric ice crystals but rather nanoparticulates (Chemtrails) as part of global Solar Radiation Management.

    Everything these days seems topsy-turvy. Some years back I recall reading about Sundogs and it was said then that they were quite unusual only being seen in the cold of winter when the ground temperature was below zero and high altitude temperature being about -60°. To confirm what I’m saying do a Google Sundog image search and notice all the photos are taken in winter.

    On the other hand I read now that Sundogs can be seen anywhere, any time of the year and at any ambient temperature – now there’s a hoot!

    Seen from Cornwall June 2018
    The Chemtrails have dispersed and new ones being laid.
    And from North Carolina:

    I think it’s about time people started opening their eyes and joining the dots. We’re not seeing Sundogs but Chemdogs and those nanoparticulates which produce them fall back to earth on our food, water supplies and loved ones. The rest I’ll leave with you.