iearlgrey – Ukraine Denies Strike on Kremlin. Counter Offensive HAS ALREADY BEGUN. U.S. Default is a ‘Trick’.

Kyiv made an attempt to strike drones on the Kremlin:

Video link:

Ukraine says has ‘nothing to do’ with alleged Kremlin drone attack:

Kremlin: Putin was not injured in the attack:

Moscow banned the launch of unmanned aerial vehicles:

FSB uncovered a group of Ukrainian agents who were preparing an assassination attempt on Aksyonov:

Prigozhin said that the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian troops has actually begun:

CNN: the Ukrainian army in the special operation zone actually launched a counteroffensive:

Zelensky said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon go on the offensive:

United States default announcements are playing tricks on the world:

WSJ: U.S. regional bank stocks fall to 2020 lows:

Rosatom plans to start construction of the fourth nuclear power unit in Egypt by the end of the year:

Red Alert – British Roulette Documentary by Anna Chapman:…

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