iearlgrey – Ukraine BATTERED By Missile Strikes. Wagner Threatens To Abandon Bakhmut Amid Ammo Row.

The United States described what is happening in the Donbass in three words; American journalist Clayton Morris assessed Ukraine’s actions in Donbass as terrorism and genocide:

▶️‘Nord Stream 1 and 2 was destroyed by Great Britain,’ US Senator Richard Black believes. London is, of course, denying the allegations. But it does not hide its dislike of Russia. The British authorities support Ukraine and spend enormous sums on supplying arms to it. :…

All this against a backdrop of serious economic problems in the country and the worst inflation in four decades. The Financial Times says: ‘Britain faces its worst economic downturn in history in 2023.’

But London is not bothered by domestic setbacks. They say there is no way Ukraine can fail. That’s what Anna Chapman’s new film ‘Red Alert. The British Roulette’ is about.

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3 Responses to “iearlgrey – Ukraine BATTERED By Missile Strikes. Wagner Threatens To Abandon Bakhmut Amid Ammo Row.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Wagner is clearly worried Ukraine’s offensive efforts will be sent to other areas.

  2. ian says:

    All now quite difficult to decipher. Russia should hate Britain, after the British deception in the Dardanelles and more recently Nordstream, and other times it double crossed them. Putin however seems to be on board with the WHO/WEF. I’m sure personally, Nordstream had to be UK,US, or a combination. Both the UK and US elite, however seem to be intent on wrecking themselves, or their countries, as well as denying Europe cheaper Russian gas. Much to think about. This pic sums it up but was over 100 years ago.

    • Tapestry says:

      Policies born out of hatred always have to face up to themselves in reality. The useful idiots who kill billions of humans with vaxxes suddenly remember that they too have friends and families. Is it too late for them to turn back? Satan creates jealousy in their souls which make killing and destroying seem like good actions. Until the knife turns in their direction. All those who escaped the jab by being employees of Pfizer etc will end up being killed in the next steps of the depopulation agenda or enslaved by the destruction of all human freedoms. Only Satan wins in this game. Charles is sold out to the Devil but has he enjoyed a single moment of happiness in his life behind his fake smile?