I want my money and my country back

Real money (fine silver) was replaced with paper currency over two hundred years ago when 16 ounces of silver (1 lb in weight) was worth £1 in value.  The standard of silver was 92.5% known as Sterling silver.  Hence the currency being called Sterling.  Even today if you pull out any paper note from your wallet, you will see that the Bank Of England still promises to pay you, the bearer on demand the sum of £5 etc.   Are they not embarrassed by this blatant lie?

The fact is that 16 ounces of silver today is worth £320 not £1.  1 ounce of gold at that time was the same value as 1 lb (Libra Pondo in Latin meant a Pound in Weight) of silver.  That 1 ounce of gold today is worth £1600 – not £1.  That is the measure of inflation since 1800.  One thousand six hundred times. That is also the measure of the theft of our wealth taken by the bankers over two hundred years.

The sign of the £ comes from the L in Libra meaning weight in Latin, while the name Pound comes from the Pondo in the phrase Libra Pondo.  Lira is the same word in Italian. Peso in Spanish, Livre in French, which was France’s currency.  A Pound of silver was the currency of the world until Rothschild (Nathan Mayer) brought in his paper notes promising to pay the bearer his weight of pounds in silver.  This he and his Bank Of England will certainly never do.  Let me know if you try and what result you get!

Having got away with stealing everyone’s wealth by removing all the silver coins from circulation, replacing them with false paper promises, now they want to go a step further and remove the false promise to pay a note-bearer in weight of silver.  Money is to go 100% digital, promising nothing at all – except that you are required to believe for some reason in the idea that digital coin has value.

16 ounces, £1 was about a month’s wages in 1800.  Today more like 3000 to 4000 times that would be needed.  Once money goes digital, you can be sure inflation will accelerate and before long you will need more like 100,000  Britcoins to survive each month.

You will in fact never hold a coin again or have anything in your pocket at all.  Digital money will be seen only on a computer screen, and can be removed from you at the will of the bank, with the click of a mouse.

Your spending can be monitored and controlled.

A free man in Rome was called Liber.  He had money – Libra – weight – of silver.  The ones who were not permitted to carry their own Libra – weight – money – silver – were slaves.  With digital money you will similarly  have little or no control on what you are permitted to do with your binary digital wealth.  You effectively become a Britcoin slave.  The money belongs not to you but to your owners.

UKIP used to say ‘I want my country back’ and ‘Keep the Pound’.  Today thirty years on, we must go further than this –  We must say not only ‘We want our country back’ – meaning England now – not the UK, which is a Westminster Federal government, sold out to the cabal that wishes to rule the world.  England was the first colony of the British Empire, today being squeezed into non-existence by regionalisation, removal of money and the destruction of our democracy.

We must add to the cry, ‘I want my country back’ –  the cry of ‘We want our money back’.  If they won’t give us back our paper notes which we can use at our discretion, then we must go back to what money was originally, and carry Libra – weight – money – silver – in our pockets.  With this we can trade with each other.  Use the Bank’s slippery digital system where we have no choice, but where we have choice, go back to real money – weight of metal – in silver where a Pound can never inflate even 1% over as many centuries as you like.

If you want to support this campaign, wear the English Democrat badge as above Libra with an England flag superimposed – to be sold by www.engandcalling.co.uk next month.  The £ sign is an L – meaning weight, silver, money, liberty.  Protected by English independence we can rebuild trust and maintain the freedom to which we as humans are entitled.  Computer screen money is not good enough.   Silver should be recognised as money by government.  It should be removed from all taxation and set free from VAT, CGT and other taxes.  That is the English Democrat policy which is the only one that can resist the removal of human freedom from Planet Earth.  We must start with our own country, and look back to our history as to how to move forwards against those who would enslave us with their fake monetary systems.

Westminster is breaking England up into regions.  Say no to this.  Our country will be no more, as well as our money gone.  To be free, we will need both our money and our country back.  English Independence from Westminster is our cry.  English people must have their money restored as well.  England is calling.  Don’t look the other way.