I speak for the trees

pete fairhurst 2

Miles take on real environmentalism, not the false global warming shite that they spew 24/7

“We think we are so important to God or Nature, but I suggest God and Nature may not see it that way.
Here is something you may not have thought of, and something even the Lorax didn’t say in defense of
the trees. If we are looking at it from Nature’s perspective, it would appear she likes trees even more
than us, since she gave them longer lives. Meaning, in her eyes, you may be more expendable than the
tree. If she were judging, and it came down to you or the tree, she would pick the tree. It seems
obvious if you think about it: she only wants you here for about 80 years, at most, whereas she wants
that tree here for 2000 years or more. If a tree meant for 2000 years gets chopped down at 1000, then
1000 years of recycling air and water are lost. If you die at 40, 40 years of poisoning the environment
with chemicals and plastics are lost. So you can see why Nature might choose the tree over you”


“I wrote this paper not only to speak for the trees, but to remind you of some of the things real
environmentalism is about. The current green movement has been hijacked by industry and turned to
crud on purpose, to blackwash the older movement and shield themselves from accountability.
Environmentalism has been infiltrated for over fifty years, using thousands of operatives like Marris to
spread confusion, torpedo legislation, and drown out all real environmentalism with this pretend
environmentalism of global warming, carbon credits, massive spending, and suppression of the middle
class. The new environmentalism isn’t environmentalism at all, it is just another plank in the fullscale,
all-points war of the upper class on the lower classes. So I can understand why you don’t like it. But
just remember, there is a real environmentalism that teaches a stewardship of the Earth, and you
shouldn’t be afraid to call yourself an environmentalist of that sort.”



One Response to “I speak for the trees”

  1. ian says:

    Plants in general are amazing. I love organic veg growing, and often try to get the grandkids thinking. I said, if I gave anyone a bucket of soil, do you think anyone in the world could make a hot spicy fruit from it? because a chilli seed could. A tiny seed has all the information to produce a perfect plant which will have beautiful chillies on it, from a bucket of muck. It gets them thinking.