How real is the Russia/Ukraine war?

An Unusual Perspective

By Igor-Strelkov

I meant for this post to be pretty short, but its length quickly spiralled out of control – necessary, unfortunately, to cover all the angles presented herein. This Substack is supposed to be shorter form content; maybe for the next post!

Read on for an argument that the Russia/Ukraine war is fake (although the death and destruction is real) and controlled on both sides from forces above the putative national leaders supposedly fighting it.

The current state of affairs and lay of the land

Let’s start with the head of paramilitary org Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin, who recently issued pointed, angry comments that Wagner, which is spearheading the assault on Bakhmut, will have to withdraw from the city imminently. According to Prigozhin, the Russian Ministry of Defence is deliberately undermining the war effort by supplying only 10% of the shells Wagner needs to take the city, which is also dramatically under-manned (per military doctrine, offensive forces need a 3:1 manpower advantage to assault reinforced defensive positions, and the attackers have 1:1 or less); that nearby Russian military units are also being deliberately sabotaged and undersupplied, and unverified reports that the long-rumoured, long-delayed Ukrainian offensive is now beginning.

There’s been a year worth of chatter whether Russia will win the war and whether Russia is utilizing 4D chess (as argued by Scott Ritter, MacGregor, Gonzalo Lira, The Saker, Andrei Martyanov (links provided with just a few of their many failed predictions), along with Russians with Attitude, Geroman, Zoka_200, War Monitor — whose combined track record is abysmal) or whether Ukraine will win with Western/NATO support (as argued by the Western media, the despicable neocon outfit Institute for the Study of War, Michael Koffman, Rob Lee, U.S. Congress, the Department of Defence, Joint Chiefs of Staff).


Rolo Slavsky has been the only English language blogger arguing that Russian elite are deliberately sabotaging their war effort, although he believes it is due to the elite’s greed, incompetence and desire to stay in power, not as part of a broader scheme; and then there’s infamous doomer Igor Girkin/Strelkov on the Russian-language side – the first, loudest and most persistent critic of Russia’s war efforts.

Igor Strelkov.

The fog of war is really thick and propaganda abounds during war; from the outside it is extraordinarily difficult to separate fact from fiction.


Russia isn’t fighting the war very hard despite lots of death and destruction

There are some curious data points. Let’s go through some of them:

Outside of the war itself, there are plenty of curious data points questioning the independence of the Russian leadership vis-a-vis globohomo itself:

―Exactly the right definition…”Washington consensus”. The term was coined not that long ago, back in 1989, and essentially means how finances of the third world countries should be managed. Initially it applied to South America, but as Soviet Union was dissolved, Russia was given the status like that of Brazil or Argentina.


The consensus consists of the three core principles – manage population using Darwinian principles, tightly control money supply primarily by the means of high interest rates, do everything possible to prevent internal investments in the manufacturing sector or anything else working to develop own economy and to create a favourable internal investment climate. The extent to which this consensus is applied to countries varies – Russia gets one of the harshest treatments. Now the bigger question is, how and why Russian fiscal authorities during the all out proxy war are still compliant with imposed rules?

This drives many people to conclusion that perhaps this is not a real war between Russia and the West, but a make believe conflict at the expense of Ukraine designed to achieve totally different goals vs. those pronounced by Putin last February.

  • Putin was and remains on board with implementing globohomo COVID19 mask and vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. See here for detailed coverage.  Putin is hard at work advancing central bank digital currencies.
  • Putin’s initial rise within Russia was due to his support of the West and his willingness to let them pillage Russia. He severely undermined the pro-Russian populists in the Donbass and elsewhere in East Ukraine after the Maiden Revolution, offering little to no support, betraying pro-Russian patriots (see Strelkov’s comments) and the Russian Federal Security Services (FSS) likely assassinated a large number of Donbass leaders.
  • What Putin and the Russian oligarchs fear the most, just like western leaders, is their own populists, far more than external enemies; they don’t want anyone to end their personal fiefdoms and grifts.
  • In a 2017 interview, Klaus Schwab said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been recognized as a Young Global Leader, and also mentioned Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “I have to say, when I mention now names, like Mrs. (Angela) Merkel and even Vladimir Putin, and so on, they all have been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau … We penetrate the cabinet. So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half of his cabinet, are actually Young Global Leaders.‖ Klaus has mentioned Putin a second time as shown in the documentary Das Forum, which goes into behind the scenes footage of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. In the clip Klaus states

“Mrs. Merkel, Tony Blair, even Putin, they were all Young Global Leaders before.‖          Putin fires prominent critics of Chabad.

I could continue listing more such data points, but that should be sufficient.  

The fulfilment of globohomo objectives

We’ve demonstrated that Russia has undermined its own war efforts and that the Russian elite, especially Putin, are on board with the World Economic Forum agenda, with a western-oriented central bank which loots the country.

One of the counter-arguments to this is as follows: the war is just to stall, the real war being fought is the economic war; de-dollarization led by Russia is undergoing, and the Russian economy has held up well to sanctions and the Rouble has also held up. But the signs are not encouraging: Russia’s muchhyped “dedollarized trade” with India is a complete failure, and the strength of the Rouble is also going in the wrong direction in the past year.

Fair enough. Let’s now consider a couple of data points from the United States:

For the U.S. military industrial complex to so seamlessly shift from one Forever War to the next to continue their massive grift is indeed curious. What other globohomo objectives does the war fulfil? Here’s a partial list:

  • It was designed to shift the media’s focus away from a flailing COVID narrative without allowing any of the perpetrators to pay for false fear-mongering, such as Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and the plethora of doctors, nurses, scientists, government and media organizations that pushed it not just nationally but worldwide. By switching to the next Meta

Narrative, the general population won’t have time to think about what had happened.


, and even Nordstream 1 has been scuttled.  The U.S. blew up Nordstream 2 as conclusively proven by Seymour Hersh, which is a traditional casus belli for war by Germany; however, Germany has been unable to respond due to Germany remaining militarily occupied by the U.S. since the end of World War 2 (119 U.S. bases in Germany as of 2020).

So the war checks a lot of boxes and fulfills a lot of globohomo objectives. And it does these while Russia fights, in a grinding, plodding, expensive war (both in men, materials and funds) its own genetic and religious brethren in a country named ―Borderland‖ in Russian. An argument can also easily be made that globohomo really wants to genocide white Christian slavs.

From all these standpoints, the war is a resounding success for our grifting elite.

So what should we expect moving forward?

I think it depends on whether globohomo decides to honor whatever backroom agreement it has with Russia’s leadership (an agreement that seems to involve furthering the central bank owner objectives in return for a guarantee that Russia’s elite can remain in power to continue their financial grifts indefinitely), or alternatively decides to abrogate the agreement and move in for the kill. The weaker Russia looks the more tempted out of greed and bloodlust (see Victoria Nuland’s record) they will consider a backstab and betrayal. Imagine how much richer the globohomo elite will get if they are able to conquer Russia, carve it up into small districts and brutally exploit its natural resources! How amazing it would be for them!

History shows they’re itching to do this; a history the corrupt Russian elite are studiously ignoring. This map shows the aggressive expansion of NATO eastward since the end of the Soviet Union


, with Finland the most recent addition:

If globohomo doesn’t abrogate its backroom agreement and go in for the kill, expect the war to last a long time – because they won’t want to give up a war fulfilling so many objectives, and the military industrial complex always needs its Forever War (although, to be fair, a January 2023 RAND study recommended a wind-down to pivot against war with China, but it looks like it’s being ignored; Tucker Carlson’s firing can also be viewed in this context as he was also arguing for a pivot to China, and the Pentagon was ecstatic to see him gone).

Interesting times are ahead.

Zooming out to the furthest perspective, this world is controlled by the Demiurge.

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―The primordial interest of the United States, over which for centuries we have fought wars– the First, the Second and Cold Wars– has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united there, they’re the only force that could threaten us. And to make sure that that doesn’t happen.‖ George Friedman, STRATFOR CEO at The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs


The expansion of NATO was a deliberate breach of verbal assurances provided by America to Russia when the Soviet Union dissolved that NATO would not expand eastward.  Russia also had ample precedent to intervene in Ukraine per the United States’s prior intervention in the Serbia/Kosovo war in contravention of international law.  But as Carl Schmitt argues, ―Sovereign is he who decides on the exception‖ — and the decider of the exception when it comes to world politics is the United States, not Russia. Source


8 Responses to “How real is the Russia/Ukraine war?”

  1. danceaway says:

    Most of this is what we have been asking/wondering here on the tap. Real, absolute tragedy.

    • newensign says:

      Yes I agree Danceaway, but this summarises in a nutshell with one or two other factors thrown in. But I think despite the matrix control the spirit of the nations will rise up and defeat the enemy. I think that is starting to happen albeit rather slowly. In the meantime we are being punished for not keeping the real law.

  2. Tapestry says:

    This is the same as WW2 where a cabal ran all sides to the conflict ensuring the destruction of Germany, Japan, Britain’s empire and the locking up of Russia and Central Europe in a Communist system. This is step3 designed to destroy western europe once again and the rest of the west, while grinding down russia and china. one world government requires the destruction of all powerful nations. If Russian nationalists show strength, as with the missile attack on RAF Welford, the space weaponry appears and fires break out across Russia. Catherine AUsten Fitts says that those who control space can decide what happens in all battles on the ground. Only if Russia can eliminate western space weaponry, HAARP etc can RUssian nationalists take control and kick out the CIA.

  3. newensign says:

    Yes, I agree Tap, they are using the same template as WWII and same people. The Khazarian mafia controlled most of Poland from the Krakow ghettoes likewise now in Ukraine to the East. In the past Germany, The Austro-Hungarian empire and Russia were a bulwark against the Turks until Disraeli came along and supported the Ottomans against Russia, there were huge demonstrations in England against supporting a Muslim power against Christian Russia. The CIA was created by the Bank of England (City Intelligence Agency) and as the saying goes “nothing happens in the world without the City of London being involved or knowing about it!”

  4. danceaway says:

    How Russian Nationalists must dream of removing ‘The City’.

    • newensign says:

      Yes indeed Danceaway. They got fairly close when they struck RAF Welford. Since then, however, the hidden hand has put the breaks on them – let’s hope the Russians can overcome the interlopers!

  5. webtrekker says:

    A summary of the article as provided by ChatGPT-4 AI …

    The article discusses the current state of the Russia-Ukraine war and questions the motivations and actions of both sides.

    Here are the key points from the article:

    Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of paramilitary org Wagner, criticizes the Russian Ministry of Defence for undermining the war effort by not supplying enough shells and manpower.

    Debates have arisen regarding whether Russia or Ukraine will win the war, with differing opinions from various sources.

    Russia’s level of engagement in the war is questioned, pointing out curious data points such as fuel supply to the Ukrainian army, oil and gas flow through Ukraine, and the lack of mobilization of the Russian economy.

    Igor Strelkov, a critic of Russia’s war efforts, is mentioned as an influential voice.

    The article raises doubts about the independence of Russian leadership in relation to globalist objectives.

    The author suggests that the war may serve various globalist objectives, including shifting media focus from COVID-19, providing an excuse for soaring inflation, furthering the Great Reset agenda, enabling graft and kickbacks to American politicians, and preventing Nordstream 2 from going online.

    The potential outcomes of the war are discussed, depending on whether globalist forces honor their backroom agreement with Russia’s leadership or decide to betray them.

    The expansion of NATO eastward and the history of aggression are mentioned, along with the possibility of a prolonged war fulfilling multiple objectives.

    The article concludes by suggesting that the world is controlled by the Demiurge.

    Please note that this summary is a reflection of the article’s content and does not necessarily represent the factual accuracy of the claims made within it.

  6. newensign says:

    Many thanks Webtrekker. A very good summary which will be useful for passing on to those who do not have the time to read long articles.