One Response to “How Feminism Killed the Family”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Many men I know could not understand why their wives wanted to divorce when they had seemingly happy families. Many traumatised children has been the inevitable result. My close relatives attended women’s groups in the 1980s and 1990s where they became indoctrinated that men were exploiting women unfairly and had too much economic power over them. As a result of this I have experienced campaigns which involved theft, lies, deception and worse – and been told over and over that everything is unfair. Again trauma is the result of these political notions put into women’s heads and tragic divisions between family members which otherwise would not be there. Jealousy is the language of the devil, and for some reason women are a very willing audience. There is never any contentment possible once a mind has filled itself with jealousy.

    Also it is impossible to cooperate when people have decided to wage undeclared war against their spouses or close relatives. If they had cooperated rather than waged war, all would by now have been far wealthier and have less stressful and slavish lives. The indoctrinators want to set humans against each other so they can’t build good lives. Unfortunately it has worked beyond their wildest dreams. Call it Feminism if you want, but Evil would be a more accurate term.

    God created men and women to be different, and only when they work as one can man progress. Divide and rule has never found a better front to work on to bring about mankind’s destruction. Schools now indoctrinate from a very early age to build hostility between the original two genders. The Devil wants them to breed but have no family structure. Then they can take the children, the real target of breaking families with ‘feminism’.