Hospital system – how we are intentionally killing our patients

Causing the death of another person with an act that is intended to kill them, with malice aforethought is murder – on the industrial scale.   Why are the gallows not being readied?

Atty. Tom Renz: “The COVID-19 Murder for Money Scheme in the Hospitals… Have Been Carried Out by Fake Doctors and Nurses”

Thomas Renz: “This Is Quite Literally the Most Egregious Crime Against Humanity Since World War II”

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One Response to “Hospital system – how we are intentionally killing our patients”

  1. newensign says:

    Agreed Tap. The emergency response is also designed to kill, when dialling 111 or 999 one has to listen to a whole lot of rigmarole about covid etc and when the call is eventually answered a lot of questions are asked and then they say a doctor will call you after about an hour he calls asks the same questions and then a seven hour wait. I have heard from others that if you say the person isn’t breathing, they are round straight away! I suspect they see a potential organ donor!