Gonzalo arrested – latest blogger to be silenced

Ukraine Jails US Commentator Gonzalo Lira for Speaking Uncomfortable Facts – US political commentator Gonzalo Lira was arrested by the Ukrainian SBU for allegedly “producing Russian propaganda;” – The Kharkov Oblast Prosecutor’s Office posted a video of “evidence” which included Gonzalo pointing out Ukraine’s Nazi problem and the fact that the Ukrainian government has killed 1,000s by shelling the Donbass region; – These are verified facts admitted by the both the Western media and Western governments now supporting and sponsoring Kiev in this current conflict; – Pressure must be placed on the US government and Western “human rights” organizations; – It is Gonzalo Lira today – it could be someone else you have more in common with or even yourself tomorrow; Retweet this tweet tagging the US embassy in Ukraine, HRW, and Amnesty International: https://twitter.com/BrianJBerletic/st…

The world government is determined to slow the war down long enough to destroy Russian nationalism to the point that Russia can ultimately win the war against NATO, but Russia will be taken over by world government zealots with no interest in national survival.  The targets of ‘Ukraine’s’ death squads are invariably opinion formers like bloggers and writers like Dugin, indicating a determination to rot the Russian national fish from the head.  Gonzalo is merely the latest to be silenced.  We hope temporarily.