From soup to nuts – a modern day medical Buddha shows how the land of the living dead is being created with bacteria and plasmid DNA – (in pigs too)

14 MAY 2023

From this 53 minute video here first (half an hour most important):

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s Warning to the World | Childrens Health Defense

In Germany, Dr Bhakdi has been charged with hate speech for telling the truth and revealing the science behind the experimental mRNA injections – reminds me of Galileo. He faces two years in prison.

Side track. I wonder how much better off we would be if the WHO was run by the likes of this doctor and others like McCullough, Yeadon, Rose, Nass were running it – instead of the “bought and paid for”, sycophantic, medically unqualified ex-terrorists who currently run it.

My cliff notes (E&OE):

The DNA/RNA/Protein “kitchen” that exists as part of being human.

Each strand of DNA is one chromosome there are two chromosomes

Bacteria has one  chromosome so ties these DNA strands together to create a circular chromosome.

Bacteria is a plasmid – circular mini-chromosome that carries genes – can be exchanged between bacteria – bacteria can be isolated and are stable – can now be created by mankind. Man has learned how to introduce foreign genes – like the spike protein – this is what Pfizer and Moderna have been doing.

Put this DNA plasmid into bacteria – has its own life and will multiply with the bacterial chromosome.

Throw it into a tank of bacteria – like e-coli bacteria – can multiply fast to fill the tank – multiply plasmid with bacterial chromosome with the spike gene.

To get to mRNA – take out plasmids, throw bacteria away – next – throw plasmids into another bucket now have instruments to cut open plasmids – into linear DNA which can be opened so that mRNA can be transcribed (copy of spike).

Takes just a few days to make trillions of plasmids. Plasma harvesting to make mRNA by hand.

mRNA then packaged into lipid nano-particles = artificial substances that protects mRNA – a Trojan horse that delivers the weapon – billions of packages.

Second function of LNP is to deliver “message” to enter every cell in your body which then produce spike protein.

A cell takes up the LNP – they love them – then the contents of the LNP are injected into the cell – the spike protein.

Anyone who has ever studied medicine should know that if cell produces a foreign protein – that cell is attacked by the immune system – this is what is supposed to happen in nature – the spike protein is foreign so the immune system mounts an increasingly intense attack/reaction to remove the foreign body.

Leaks into organs – all of them. Hearts and brains (hearts and minds?) are penetrated. The chances of testing done to reveal spike proteins occurring in the heart and brain simultaneously are remote – it can only be the injections.

Necrotizing, multi-focal encephalopathy and myocarditis.

Then the attack continues in tissues.

It is not bad luck or normal as claimed. It is direct “cause and effect” and is far, far higher than in the normal population

For a simultaneous incidence – Encephalitis one in 100,000 probability – Myocarditis one in 10,000 now – chances of happening in less than one year is proof of causal effect of “vaccines”. Multiply these two numbers – probability = one in 1,000,000,000 – one in a billion chance. (444 million people in Europe).

Warnings have been sounded for more than two years and ignored.

The Pfizer injections have been shown NOT to clean out DNA and bacteria used to make the injections.

Mutant humans with shortened life spans – and its passed down from generation to generation.

This mRNA technology is being experimented on in pigs also.

Land of the living dead – let’s hope we don’t get hungry and turn into zombie flesh eaters.

80 autopsies done in the EU more than 40 have this twin incidence. Spike protein in vessel walls of the deceased from injections months prior. mRNA molecules are long lived.

Possibility? mRNA retrospectively re-written into DNA and incorporated into human genome.

mRNA has to be lifted out cleaned of DNA and plasmid DNA not cut open. Kevin McKirdle tested Pfizer and Moderna injections had contaminating samples of DNA – they do. Contaminating in plasmid DNA wrapped in the lipid nano-particle. Up to 30% wrapped, protected and deliverable to every human cell.

Plasmid DNA can multiply in your cells.

Cell-division- stems, sperm or others that have been injured – start to replicate to heal wounds, immediate contact with plasmid DNA in cytosome and our own DNA. Any integration with human chromosome will cause cancers and will transmit to offspring – you are genetically transformed forever. Every cell that is genetically modified is doomed.

The MSM must spread this message before it is too late – happening very, very soon.


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