From Richard D Hall.


Just to make you aware of a few things that have happened.

On 24th May I received an email from the Daily Mirror, they asked

Hi Richard, I’m a reporter for the Daily Mirror.

I’m doing an article based on your newsletter sent out on May 9. I’ve
copied the contents below.

It’s focusing in on you asking followers for legal recommendations.

If you wish to respond at all or give any update, deadline is 7pm today.

I did not reply. The following day they published this hit piece,

The article states, ” He’s set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his
legal defence, raising over �15,000 already. ”

Not long after this was published, Gofundme removed my account. I did not
lose much money because I was having the money transferred to my account
each day.

If you wish to donate, I would prefer a BACS transfer. Details can be found

I am so grateful to everyone who has so far donated, it is a massive help.
Some of it has already been put to good use in preparing the defence.

I am due to submit my initial written defence within the next few days.

I will update further as things transpire.

Thanks again for your continued support,



2 Responses to “From Richard D Hall.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Reading the most liked comments under the Mirror hit piece is revealing.

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    3 days ago

    After examining this story it seems like Richard has hit a nerve with the establishment. His information is credible, although people commenting obviously have no idea of this since they only know about this situation due to this article, which appears to be dross.

    7 hrs ago

    Correct. Let’s see how much of Mr Halls findings will be allowed in court. Interesting times ahead.

    5 days ago

    Can someone please recommend the dumbest lawyer on the planet for Richard?

    3 hrs ago

    So funny the Mirror, of all outlets, moralising about an investigative journalist. 🙂

    Crikey, Mirror, pots and kettles, much!

    So Mr Hall made some enquiries, did some investigation and stated some opinions?

    (before the public enquiry in 2021, it should be stated)

    Good, the Kerslake Report originally published about the event was a nonsense (even Martin Hibbert has said this!)

    I’ve donated to Mr Hall’s legal fund now, via the Richplanet website.

    This courageous man has done nothing more than trying to find out the truth of an extremely murky event.

    No wonder there is such a concerted effort to pull him down – true investigative journalism and holding power to account is just not allowed it would appear!

    5 hrs ago

    Richard D Hall did a far better and more scientific evidence based investigation than the police did that is for sure. They will not want what Richard has got in any court as it will blow the truth right into the open once and for all. Official story did not add up at all.

    4 hrs ago

    exactly! this is what happens when people reveal the truth, the govt hates the truth being revealed and will try destroy richards good name and work and amazing work
    2 hrs ago

    You should search ‘Embedded confessions’ by Richard d Hall on YouTube to see his sterling work on exposing frauds Gerry and Kate McCann! Genius!

    8 hrs ago

    I’ve tried to comment. But without success good luck to Richard Hall and his investigative journalism which is of a very high standard .