Exit the WHO.

Anti-WHO graphics to share from James Roguski – there is one graphic that shows Tedros as a Vet. He is not a medical doctor of any kind and that includes a doctor for animals. The 3 graphics that list Top 10 Dangers…….need to be shared far and wide especially with our uninformed legislators – ARTICLE

Sovereignty Coalition – May is EXIT THE WHO month – If you have not signed the declaration please click on the link and sign today. Also Reggie Littlejohn has listed some easy actions you can take – ARTICLE

Analysis of mRNA Injections Lot-to-Lot by Sasha Latypova – ARTICLE

US Criminal Biological Warfare Program was Orchestrated under President Barack Obama, Coordinated by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Funded through V.P. Joe Biden by Karen Kingston – Barack Obama has been an enemy of this country for many years and in my opinion he is still running the show and just might possibly run the show again in 2024 and beyond. As the late Charlotte Iserbyt used to say “Obama is a Manchurian candidate.” What is really sad is that I believe the Russian government before I would believe my own government. ARTICLE

Exclusive: Vivek Ramaswamy Paid to Have His Soros Fellowship and Covid-Era Role Scrubbed from Wikipedia Page – Thanks to Janice – ARTICLE

Biden Regime Announces New Rules Cracking Down On Dishwashers – I am sure prissy Jill Biden won’t be washing dishes by hand. You waste more water and electricity by washing dishes by hand than by using a dishwasher and that is a fact. So what is next? Folks there IS a list and on that list is refrigeration, air conditioning and rationed heat. And none of this has any affect on anything except these scum bags flexing their control muscles. ARTICLE

Children 5-12 Years Old Who Died After Taking Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines – and we all know the number of deaths from this vaccine are extremely under reported. 25 deaths is 25 more than the number of 5-12 year olds that died from COVID – Believe me the number is a lot higher – They are suppressing the reporting of all deaths. What we see is a drop in the bucket. I really thought when children started dying people would start to wake up but even children dying from things that children normally do not die from has still left most parents in a coma. They still trust their lying bought and paid for doctor who rather your child lost their life than for him to lose his license or the kick back money he/she gets. ARTICLE

Agenda 21 for Dummies – featuring CA Lawyer Michael Shaw. This presentation is from 14 years ago. And now look where we are today. 9 min. VIDEO

Candidate for Denver City Council wants to tax white business owners to subsidize black/brown owned businesses – Where do these people come from?? What is even worse is that she will probably win her election – 3 min. VIDEO

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