Dr. Blob Bharat Pankhania Quacks

I saw a brief clip of this ‘doctor’ berating Laurence Fox. Just imagine the potential hoo-hah had Fox said this to the dear Dr. Blob. Blob seems as good as any term for the collective of ‘experts’ who assume the high and moral ground above the rest of us, yet frequently merely project their own misgivings upon others. I have gone to great lengths to execute a portrayal of this blob’s exquisite features and trust I have done him justice in highlighting the wonder that is Dr. Blob Pankania. I understand ‘quack’ was a label forced upon homeopathic practitioners by the allopathic Rockefeller blob in early 1900’s to side line and eliminate natural health methodology from the ‘market place’.

“I sometimes wonder why you exist to be honest with you because a lot of these things that you spew out just send things that are worrisome to people, not verified, not factual, you just have your own agenda and that’s what I think. You are just spewing out your bias views. That’s how I feel about you.”

The Blob on Twitter

Dr Bharat Pankhania adores the MHRA

Perhaps Dr. Blob Bharat Pankhania could go face to face with nurse Debi Evans from the UK Column…
… or Dr. Mike Yeadon might be another option.

Dr. Blob is an arrogant quack and typical of those who aim nasty remarks at others while claiming others are nasty. Perhaps Dr. Blob would like a conversation with Maajid Nawaz…




2 Responses to “Dr. Blob Bharat Pankhania Quacks”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Watch out for managed opposition. It is always to be found, drawing potential opposition into a group which is then lead up a garden path where the flowers grow taller. Farage? Any others?

    • NPP says:

      Who is managed?
      Dr. Blob?
      Dr. John Campbell?
      UK Column?
      William Cooper?
      The Brexit Party?
      RFK Jr.?
      Elvis’ twin?
      Loose Change, who did at least get the date right if little else?

      I recognise a so called doctor being unpleasant toward a TV show while advocating an unnecessary infectible procedure that millions have been coerced into submitting to. The millions sadly do tend to be daft, weak and gullible, but still, it does not excuse the the perpetrators who tend to be evil.

      Shame on Dr. Blob.