Defund the WHO. Exit the WHO.

Here is a link to the Press Conference held yesterday in DC to demand that Congress defund the WHO and Exit the WHO. 33 min. VIDEO

Dr. Pierre Kory’s Presentation to the International Covid Summit III in the European Parliament, Brussels – I saw this during the live summit and it was very good. ARTICLE/VIDEO (18 min.)

Global warming. OK, Yes, Let’s Do “Follow the Science” … rather than the propanda by Vatt Viska – be sure to read the comments especially those by Blaise – ARTICLE

CDC, Urged to “Do Something”, Calls for Useless Building Ventilation Upgrades – ARTICLE

The Dirty Secret of the DTP vaccines for babies, pregnant women and adults by Dr. Meryl Nass – ARTICLE

“The Naked Communist”….45 goals to destroy the United States of America – they have already achieved most of these steps. #13 Todd Callender has proven that most of our elected including Kamala Harris NEVER signed and notarized their oath of office as required by law. EVERY head of the UN has been a communist. Alger Hiss was an American BUT he was also charged with being a spy. ARTICLE

HERE is the Federal Register when the 45 goals were entered into the US Federal Register

Biden’s Pick for Top NIH Post Has Deep Ties to Pharma — ‘That Is How Agencies Are Captured’ – NIH director nominated by “Joe Biden” has 116 grants from Pfizer totaling over $290 million – ARTICLE

New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place ‘Caps on Meat’ Served by Public Institutions – the creep is beginning – ARTICLE