David DuByne AV Smart Cities: Surviving The Containment Barrier


Inspired by the Smart Cities live stream event 23 April. The presentations are available below to view on-demand:
Ex oil company executive Ian R. Crane gave up his conventional career to be a political activist living in a caravan. He produced daily videos, infamously ‘broadcasting’ from a field, sometimes in his car or occasionally on location, for example outside a court building. At least 84 of these broadcasts were chronicled in artworks Ned, titled ‘Bloke In A Field’. We present and share these visual memories which capture a brief period in time of Ian’s life, his acute observations, wit, humour and commitment to his activism and projects.

Are volcano emissions affecting our weather?
A recent conversation between Health Ranger Mike Adams and David DuByne; warns of global crop failures caused by volcanic sulfur dioxide injected into atmosphere… Twitter does not allow this to be posted as the ‘link’it is deemed harmful: