Counteroffensive targets Tokmak.

“Battle on the Orekhovskoye direction The logic of the enemy becomes clear when you yourself drive through the future theater of operations. What did I see? That the Armed Forces of Ukraine will trample on Tokmak from Orekhov.
It is convenient to attack there – there are practically no settlements, there is nothing to cling to during defense. The main thing is to break through the first line of defense, and then – operational space. What they are trying to do now. Break a hole in the defense. If it succeeds, the next echelon will be poured in.
No, they will try elsewhere. But yes, this is it, the very counteroffensive. You can call the battles that are going on now a reconnaissance battle, but if this reconnaissance breaks a hole, the main forces will go. @sashakots (” (Russell TEXAS Bentley)