Coronation Security – Would anyone notice if it were cancelled?

‘The threat from international terrorism is alive, they’re tracking lots of extremists in the UK that could potentially decide to act out their issues in a violent manner.’ Mark White reports that the security operation for the Coronation is ‘bigger than the Queen’s funeral.’

Some choice comments:

-Can’t understand why anyone would wanna kill the person who helped set up the World economic forum.

-Amazing. Charles needs all these police personel when surrounded by half he British army

-but how on earth could international terrorists get into the country in the first place..i mean its not as if they could just roll up on a rubber boat down at the south coast is it..hmm oh damn

-when 2030 comes around and his wef freinds are running the show it will be intresting to see how many will still love there king.
-Nearly 600 more floated across yesterday

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2 Responses to “Coronation Security – Would anyone notice if it were cancelled?”

  1. ian says:

    The comments say more than the presenter.

  2. Belyi says:

    They almost seem to be hyping it up to get people interested.

    With the economic situation so serious in the UK, I’m sure many people will be totally fed up with the oceans of money being wasted on this jamboree.