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Update on the conflict in Ukraine for May 17, 2023:

– Russia’s Ministry of Defense and US officials confirm Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missiles successfully targeted US-made Patriot air defense systems;

– Patriot systems launched approximately 30 missiles over 2 minutes, representing tens of millions of dollars of missiles that were already in short supply;

– Despite this, the Western media continues repeating obvious fabrications about Ukraine intercepting “all” incoming missiles and drones. The Patriot system falling victim to a Kinzhal missile despite firing upward to 30 missiles calls into question Ukraine’s previous claims of intercepting a Kinzhal days earlier;

– As Ukraine burns through Western weapons and ammunition, the West continues preparing to transfer other weapon systems including warplanes;

– European nations are preparing a “coalition” to purchase and provide F-16 fighters to Ukraine;

– F-16 warplanes have no specific capability beyond the aircraft that made up Ukraine’s original air force which is now mostly destroyed;


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