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Brian Berletic – Russian Missile Hit Ahead Ukraine Offensive + Kiev’s Obsession Over Territory Amid War of Attrition

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for May 1, 2023:

– Russia has conducted multiple large-scale missile strikes across Ukraine including the targeting of potential staging activities ahead of Ukraine’s spring/summer offensive;

– Russian missile strikes are also exhausting Ukraine’s air defense capabilities at a rate difficult for its Western allies to replace;

– Errant Ukrainian S-300 missiles falling into populated areas and causing civilian casualties are now regularly blamed on Russia;

– Several of Ukraine’s remaining S-300 systems appeared to be moving into Kherson to provide potential air defenses ahead of the expected offensive but were discovered and destroyed by Russian Lancet kamikaze drones;

– There has a been an up-tick in fantastical propaganda across the West, reflecting the growing issues Ukraine’s war efforts face in reality;

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