Breaking News: Trump to release full JFK files if re-elected!

This is wonderful news. At last, the full truth is going to emerge. I know that because he’s already assigned a crack team to the job: Jared Kushner, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. Ok, sarcasm off. But pardon me for being less than thrilled at his announcement. I mean, why didn’t he do it in his first term? According to him Mike Pompeo “blocked it”. Donald, you were the President. You could and should have ordered him to release the files and if he refused you should have fired him.

But you didn’t. Just like you didn’t build the wall or prosecute the Clintons. In fact almost the first day after your election, almost the first thing you said was “she’s been through enough” and that the Clinton Crime Family are “good people”. Meanwhile Julian Assange languished in jail throughout your Presidency while you pardoned every Jewish criminal whose case came before you. Your enthusiasm for wikileaks likewise didn’t survive your first week in office. Perhaps you were too busy signing the Patriot Act, which you professed to vigorously oppose, into law for another twenty years. And you certainly drained the Swamp, but straight into your Cabinet. You surrounded yourself with dual-passport dregs while throwing your supporters like Flynn and Bannon under the bus. So forgive me if I’m less than excited at your proclamation. And you do remember of course that you promised to release the JFK files back in 2016? You released an anodyne heavily-redacted 28 pages. According to Judge Napolitano you told him that releasing the full files “would split the nation in two”. So what’s changed in the meantime?

Trump, or so it seems to me, is a pol who sees promises as a vehicle to get him elected and to be abandoned once he’s ensconced in office. And yet….. I always come back to the fact that the alphabet ‘security’ agencies, the ‘defence’ establishment, the media, Hollywood, Jews (despite his endless grovelling to Israel), blacks, the educational/brainwashing establishment and the full spectrum of virtue-signaling liberal hypocrites all hate him with a passion probably unprecedented in the history of American Presidents. When these people hate you you must be doing something good. Or is that actually true?

My own guess is that he’s hated, not for what he’ll do (it’s now fairly clear he won’t do anything of significance) but rather for whom he represents. Or purports to represent. I’m referring here of course almost exclusively to Americans of European Christian stock. The nation-wreckers know full well that should such an electoral cohort be united and organised for cohesive action it would be unstoppable. That is what they’re afraid of, not Trump himself.

Am I right?