Black Men Surround, Intimidate and Try to Rob Pregnant White Nurse – She Is Made to Be the Villain

Here’s a brief synopsis of what happened. A pregnant White woman got off a 12 hour shift at Bellevue Hospital in NYC and went to check out a Citi Bike. She paid for the bike and was about to ride off when she was physically restrained by a group of black men to dragged her and the bike she just paid for back to the docking station. They then tried to prevent her from checking out the bike again, insisting that it was in fact theirs. In restraining the woman, which ought to be classified as false imprisonment, a black man’s arm was pressed up against her pregnant stomach, causing her pain, which she expressed. However, this woman was not easily intimidated by these thugs, standing her ground through the encounter.

In our anti-White culture, not caving into every black demand makes you a “racist” or at the very least, if you’re a White woman, a “Karen.” That’s exactly what happened to this woman. An out-of-context video of the encounter was uploaded, intending to portray the black men as poor victims and this White woman as an evil, racist Karen who was trying to take what was theirs.

Of course lying press doxxed the woman and used incendiary headlines to try to make her look like an evil racist thief.


According to many anti-Whites on social media, this “Karen” was trying to actually get the black men killed by calling for help.


The video has since been viewed tens of millions of times and the “outrage” over this woman’s righteous behavior has caused NYC Health + Hospitals to put the nurse on leave, calling the video “disturbing” in an official statement.


Why would people automatically assume that a pregnant woman with a job is trying to steal from Black youth?

According to receipts, it turns out that this woman not only paid for the bike, but was actually forced to check it out twice because she was pushed back into the docking station by her captors.


It’s extremely disturbing to watch a pregnant White woman get lynched in the court of public opinion simply because she would not allow herself to be robbed by a group of Black thugs.

The anti-White are right about one thing: there does need to be a racial reckoning in America, but it is not going to be the one they are seeking. White people are sick and tired of being demonized and victimized.



4 Responses to “Black Men Surround, Intimidate and Try to Rob Pregnant White Nurse – She Is Made to Be the Villain”

  1. NPP says:

    This clip has been doing the rounds. I have NOT watched it. I don’t want to get embroiled.
    But, this is a version of events…

    He rented a bike.

    She tried to take it.
    He refused.
    She yelled for help and cried.
    A bystander suggested he just give it to her anyway.
    He told the bystander it was his bike on his account.
    The bystander suggested she take another bike.
    She did.

    That was a reply to…

    This lady tried her best to weaponize her tears, but when she realized it wasn’t going to work she switched it off and acted like nothing happened.

    This should be criminal.

    Meanwhile Matt Hancock is telling the world 10 : 1 people in the street applaud him.

    As Michael Tsarian suggests, laugh at the fear.

    • ian says:

      Yes Ned, they mentioned that there was two versions. I know which one I think is the more likely, but like you, I don’t want to get embroiled.

  2. NPP says:

    Readers added context they thought people might want to know…

    Since the filming of this video, receipts have been made available to prove that the woman in question was in fact the person who paid to unlock and use the bike.

    Candace Owens backs the ‘white’ girl

    I never realised I was ‘white’ until the programme cultural & social engineering insisted upon it.

    P.S. I watched it. Something about her doesn’t ring true. But, it’s nearly dinner time, so c’est la vie.

    • ian says:

      I watched it too Ned, and agree. There’s something odd about the whole thing.