BBC Propagandists Are They Afraid of Competition From Alternative Media ?

Marianna Spring BBC Disinformation Correspondent (aged 27) on Investigative journalism

Along with coining the term disinformation Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin engaged in witch hunts, persecution and purges of percieved enemies labelling them as “enemies of the state”.


A glorious example of the “fair and balanced” BBC journalism we should aspire to.

Featuring the South African Secretary General clearly not a man to be intimidated.

Marianna Spring’s infamous conspiracy theory chart enhanced for easier reading.


Seemingly competing with the BBC in the information space may see you branded and verified as “far right” conspiracy theorists.

Self acclaimed “Far right” pundits at whilst remaining light hearted and entertaining seem a bit miffed by this and expose how ridiculous and insecure the no longer trusted BBC has become.


Of course presentation of news that the BBC fail to report on and criticism of the official and often false narrative is not a far right monopoly.

The following is provided by the steadfast Tony Gosling a former BBC man and his co-presenter Martin Summers who is described as a left wing Irish republican the intro to their weekly show NOT The BCfm Politics Show A Bristol Angle on World Politics. Incidentally broadacast from “The Peoples Republic of Stokescroft Arts Centre”.


Comically if we follow the genius logic of the BBC Verify chart, avowed socialists Tony and Martin would be tarred with the far right brush of the BBC.




3 Responses to “BBC Propagandists Are They Afraid of Competition From Alternative Media ?”

  1. danceaway says:

    Thank you for this excellent compilation, sovereigntea.

    Debi Evans has repeatedly attempted to make contact with darling Marianna, but she has had no response. One would expect her to jump at the chance to interact with.a member of the alternative media in which she has so much interest.

    • sovereigntea says:

      I imagine the last thing the BBC want would be an open and fair debate.

      Head Girl Marianna is rather obviously a talking head and lacks the knowledge experience that comes only with age.

      The organ grinder is this woman Deborah Turness now CEO of BBC News

      If we consider her previous roles and presumed CV she has been installed to revive the flagging ratings and reputation of BBC News.

      The BBC Execs are in a panic and hoping she can rescue them.

      see this 2017 article re her work for NBC

      She is happy to be back in the UK, but sad to leave the US, where her husband and their two girls had put down roots. Her time as President of NBC News was no bed of roses. She reflects that she was chosen “because I was an outsider… not only to NBC News but also to the US broadcast diaspora”.

      “It was a moment when NBC News had been a dominant first for many years and its corporate psyche [considered it to be] number one. But the figures showed that story was changing.”

      Nightly News’s audience dropped off. Meanwhile, ratings for other key shows, such as Today and Meet the Press, had been in decline since Comcast’s take­over of NBC Universal in 2011.

      Turness set to work. By the end of 2016, all four of NBC News’s big shows were number one in both of their key demographics – for the first time since 2011.

  2. ian says:

    Excellent info Sov’.