Australian aborigines were taught writing 12,000 years ago

When I began research for my film series SECRET SPACE back in 2004, I discovered paintings of ‘space gods’ in AUSTRALIA.

Described as the WANDJINA, their leader wears a long robe and a ‘space helmet’.

Is it a ‘spaceman’ as Erich Von Daniken’s research suggests?

Or is this a ‘Spirit’ or ‘demon’? Interestingly, the ancient Arabic name for ‘DEMON’ is the word ‘JINN’ – and ‘Jinn’ makes up the middle part of the name WAND-JIN-A to describe these ancient entities by Australian shamans.

These ancient rock paintings have been dated reliably to 17,000 BC. We know this, because a fossilised wasp nest had been built over the top of the ancient pigment on the cave wall.

Not only that, but my research interviewing aborigine people led me to understand that their ancestors already used a form of writing – long, long before the historical Kings of Israel, and even before the Babylonians and Sumerians ever existed.

I went back to my library which has encyclopaedias from the 17th century and re-read the standard doctrine about the development of civilisation. There it all was – in black and white – that the Chaldean-Judean ‘seed’ of civilisation was universally accepted by the Encyclopedians as being the very crucible of civilisation.

Well, SECRET SPACE has grown into a film series, alongside my HERITAGE TV shows – and I have to report that not only did writing exist long, long before the Babylonian-Israeli civilisations, but that people had already mastered many handicrafts which have all been mistakingly [or deliberately] attributed to the region of old Chaldea-Israel-Babylonia.

Not only that, but ancient writing and cave paintings in Australia tell us a similar story to cave art found on the other side of planet earth in Utah and Arizona.

In both cases, we see crop circles, UFOS, aliens, demons with horns, giants [known as Nephilim], people with elongated skulls, spherical UFOS and even ancient rock art shows ‘worm-holes’…

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2 Responses to “Australian aborigines were taught writing 12,000 years ago”

  1. ian says:

    Fascinating stuff Henry. I read Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken when quite young, and have found these things fascinating since. Like “conspiracy theories”, these things are ridiculed by the MSM.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Yet the Australian government prioritises aborigines for lethal vaccines. They destroy the caves where the pictures of space beings are to be found. No tourist will ever be told where to go and look. They want the history of mankind to be lost and replaced with their own toxic version…