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12 July 927 To This…

Recent conversations have had me pondering the date of England’s founding: 12th July 927
As of June 2018 we’ve had this as the Chief of the General Staff for England and the UK….
A Collective West Reminder: War = Peace

General Sir Mark Carlton-Smith
Head of British Army
RUSİ Land Warfare Conference 2019: The Nature of War
12 mins in…

“… that hybrid space that exists between those two increasingly redundant states of peace and war, artificial and binary characterisations of a strategic context that no longer exists today…”

i.e. War Is Peace.


Among the topics listed at https://rusi.org/ is Climate Change.

I sent a letter dated 24 May 2023 to 4 recipients at Suffolk County Council and West Suffolk Council plus the Principal of my ex-Upper School. None have yet responded.

I informed them that for the first time our coal merchant can only offer more expensive, sub-standard ‘smokeless fuel’. This is due to ‘climate emergency’ policy; based upon falsehoods and political ideology:

There is NO climate emergency. There are numerous sources to substantiate my claim, but for now this seemed as good as any

King Charles III, Archbishop Welby, Stanley Johnson, Jane Goodhall, BBC science poster-boy Brian Cox, George Monbiot, Chris Packham, The World Economic Forum et al say there is? What chance I to turn the tide?

Within my letter I went on to mention the wonderful and much missed Prof. David Bellamy presented his Climate Change Conference Speech in Cambridgeshire, 19 March 2011, laying out why carbon dioxide is our friend, not a toxin nor our enemy nor the source of global warming or climate change. He was sadly side-lined by the BBC because he would not align himself with the carbon cult.

Had the legacy media, The Behavioural Insights Team, SAGE SPI-B, the 77th Brigade and £millions of taxpayer funds not promoted the ‘pandemic’, the public would not have known there was supposed to be one. Likewise for the climate agenda. My MP eats animal penis in the jungle for £300K on top of his salary. He is not fit for purpose any more than Boris or Truss or Sunak or Starmer or Davey. They all espouse carbon zero policy.

Carbon zero policy will, as the covid policy has and continues to do, kill people. The climate changes! If it didn’t, we probably wouldn’t be here. It’s just not us influencing the change; it’s planetary systems far greater than us little human beings.

For the hell of it I included…

Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersch is among the greatest living political journalist. He’s published a Substack article: How The US Blew Up The Nord Stream: https://seymourhersh.substack.com/p/how-america-took-out-the-nord-stream
If you are not aware, I recommend you be so. Covid was founded on lies as is Ukraine as is carbon zero. There are 7 names on the WW1 memorial outside our village hall. They sacrificed life for our freedom and liberty. I will buy coal again, sooner than later. Choose to be on the right side of history, or not.

Whether the ‘eco-fascists espousing the ‘climate emergency’ are misguided, lying or whatever, I don’t know, but England must get its house in order and put these fear mongers back in their box.

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