1,063 C19 deaths over the last week and 205,000 new C19 cases (up from 87,000 the week before). More than 35,000 C19 injection deaths on VAERS amongst 1.56 million “events”

Peter Halligan – Substack.com May 26, 2023

The C19 mRNA and viral vector injections have successfully “raped” more than 5 billion adults worldwide, harvesting tens of millions of lives of the elderly, indigent and infirm – and embedding conditions and co-morbidities that will require expensive treatment protocols that are multiples of the 50 bucks or so cost for a couple of  C19 injections.

The UK government showed again how corrupt and incompetent it is by giving Moderna a billion pound order for an mRNA based flu “vaccine” that has not yet completed Phase 1 clinical trials amongst 50 young and healthy individuals – the biggest “users” of existing (quadrivalent) flu vaccines are the over 65’s with >75% take up. These are not in the control or placebo groups. The placebo group is, drum roll, the quadrivalent existing flu shot. God forbid a real un-dosed placebo group is used, just to check “other stuff”.

(100) How much did Moderna bribe UK Health Regulators and politicians to sign a billion pound contract for a “universal mRNA flu vaccine”? Zero? 20 million pounds? 50 million pounds? (substack.com)

National health systems, already creaking prior to the pandemic, will face ever increasing demands from a staff complement either killed outright by the injections, or disabled, or who are seeking employment in less murderous professions.

No news or more studies on the INTERACTIONS between existing treatment protocols and the C19 mRNA injections. This will show up in mortality data and hospital admissions over time.

The latest update for deaths and injuries reported to the European adverse events reporting system maintained by the EMA,  EUDRA, to 25 February 2023 is here:

50,663 DEAD and 5,315,063 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions – Vaccine Impact

Multiply those numbers above by around 6-8 to imagine the global impact – based on proportionate share that the US+EU has of global doses. Then multiply that by around 30-40 to adjust for the URF where those responsible for inflicting death and harm do not report to the vaccine harm reporting systems.

Recommended read – a million dead from C19 injections – high correlation of injections to deaths lagged a few months. Both C19 injections and C19 disease have low lethality, but even so injections are ten times deadlier than the (mis)diagnosed C19 disease.

(100) Discussion I (re Millions Killed by Injections) (substack.com)

All estimates of US deaths from injections need to be reconciled to the leap in extra deaths since the pre-C19 period of 2015-2019 of +560,000 for each calendar year of 2020, 2021 and 2022 graphically illustrated here:

United States Deaths in 2022, How Many Deaths in United States 2022 | Dead or Kicking

Click to enlarge

The US death rate is the red line, the blue is total US deaths – green is US population.

This can be compared to the basis for Under Reporting Factors (URF’s) of around 40 (range 30-100) in the past here:

(100) The Giant Injection in the Room – Estimates of the Dead (substack.com)

With a link to an older “refresher” on URF’s here:

(100) Refresher on the Under Reporting Factor (URF) – The Giant Syringe in the Room (substack.com)

Number of C19 mRNA Injections Shipped and Administered

The EU updated its database for injections for the first time in weeks, which shows an increase of 8.76 million doses shipped but only a little less than 385,000 administered since its last update three weeks ago. No-one in Europe wants the “steenking” vaccines either.

The CDC in the  US has not updated the numbers of C19 doses shipped and administered. No doubt, there is no rule for this once the WHO declares the end of the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC – pronounced FAKE).

Since injections were authorized for emergency use,

  • the US shipped 984 million doses and the EU 1,456 million
  • the US administered 677 million doses and the EU 976 million.
  • The US has 308 million unused doses and the EU 482 million.

Seven hundred and ninety million doses in the EU and US have either been or will be destroyed in existing specially designed smokeless  incinerators.

Not juch change to 13.39 billion global doses on the OurWorldInData website either. 70% of the world’s 8 billion people have received at least one dose. This works out an average of 2.4 doses each for the 5.6 billion people (out of 8 billion on the planet) that have received at least one dose.

Deaths from C19 Disease and Cases of SARS-COV2

From here, C19 “Cases” last week for the US almost tripled again from 86,790 in the prior week to 202,465 over the last week. Deaths with C19 present were relatively stable with 1,178 for the prior week and 1,063 for last week.

US C19 “cases” have averaged around 202,000 a week over the course of 2023 and deaths with C19 present have averaged 2,114 a week.

“Active” cases dropped by around 50,000 over the week from around 828,000 to around 774,500 in the US – around 2,313 per million of population . The two countries with the most “active cases” are Poland with an unchanged 1,060,000 (28,103/million) and Viet Nam with an increase of 5,000 to 928,000 (9,382/million).

The WHO has stopped updating its weekly CoVID-19 report now that it has declared the end to the PHEIC. Here is a link to its last weekly update on 4 May 2023:

Weekly epidemiological update on COVID-19 – 4 May 2023 (who.int)

Dominant variants circulating in the US, according to the CDC are here:

CDC COVID Data Tracker: Variant Proportions

The XBB 1.16 variant, code named “Arcturus” increased a little again from 14.3% to 15.1% of circulating variants, though with the fall in testing, the ending of the PHEIC and the removal of emergency measures, this data has “close to zero” utility.


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