4 Responses to “What % of our Atmosphere is CO2”

  1. Chris x says:

    The politicians are just puppets of the globalists, told to push the lies of manmade global warming and their goal of a one world government, with complete control using CBDCs, 15 minute cities, eat the bugs, EVs, social credit score etc.

    Tony Heller on YouTube has been showing the lies for years on this nonsense. Some good websites on green energy idiocracy are below.




  2. ian says:

    Thanks Chris, I’ll have a look. Yes I agree it’s all bullcrap. In plant nurseries, they inject CO2 gas to boost growth rate. These idiots cut down forest to build wind farms that hardly work.

  3. Steve Kettle says:

    I’ve yet to find anybody Ian who can answer the question “What’s the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere?”. All they do is parrot “I don’t know but I do know it’s gone up by about half….”. Yes from sod all to just about sod all. Then if you tell them that in one minor volcanic eruption on 3 Dec 2015, 10,000 times as much CO2 was added to the atmosphere as mankind has ever produced, you just get that Pfizer stare back.
    It must be a hell of a molecule that CO2 to cause all that Global Warming when it only accounts for 1/2500 part of the atmosphere.

    • ian says:

      Yes TV education Steve. They don’t know, but they know that they’re correct.