What Are They Hiding?

The True Role of King

Back in time where humanity was more awake it was an honour to be king. There was no greater honor than to be king and the candidate would surrender all of his worldly goods and put the job of protecting and representing the people at the forefront of his life. He would live amongst the people, in the same type of dwelling as his people and wear the same clothes as his people. He would own nothing and we would be happy. In essence, he was one of the people.

The people would provide the king with all the food and clothing he needed so he could concentrate on the job he felt commanded in his heart to do. He was put there by the people, he served the people, he made the best decisions for the people and if he didn’t they could remove him at any time. The people powered the king. Not the other way round. His life was to serve them.

Oh How Times Have Changed

Roll forward to 2023 and things are vastly different. The king or any monarch has obscene levels of wealth while their people struggle. They have multiple palaces and properties while their people are often homeless. The are greatly secretive whilst their people deserve transparency. They serve hidden masters while their people suffer at the hidden masters directives.

And still there are those who would say we’re grateful to have them and wave their flags as they and their country are sold down the river. Stockholm syndrome is very much alive and well and living in the UK it would seem.

So What Are they Hiding?

If we are to believe the official narrative we’re told the screening of the future monarch as they are anointed is to “give them privacy, protect their modesty and save them from embarrassment”. I would suggest that if sitting in a nice chair with a bit of warm oil dropped on your head is a problem for you then you’re not up to the job and god help us if a war starts.

I don’t remember Aragorn being screened as he was crowned king. He also led from the front if there was a battle as was expected of the king. Can you imagine any recent monarch doing that?

The problem for me is the people have forgotten their power. They have also forgotten the rights, customs, common law and history of their given country. How many understand the coronation oath, what it should be and what it should mean for the king and for the people? Not many I would guess. Is the screen really there to protect them from embarrassment? I’m sure we all have our own answers.

My opinion is the screen hides the fact that the candidate in question is not being anointed. It’s the scam of the century and what we’re seeing or are about to see will be theater. There will not be the anointed king as there are other supposedly higher powers working in the background who would never allow it. The powers that I would suggest own the king and the crown. You will think that we have a new anointed king. In reality we won’t. They are selling their people out and that cannot be seen to be happening. Transparency is not going to happen. I would suggest we never had an anointed queen either.

I think the time has come for the people to decide if they still want this antiquated power system hanging over them or do they want a fairer world. If they still want a king then one should be chosen who has the qualities, the courage, the spiritual awareness and most importantly, the faith to lead their people. Ultimately the people need to demand more and better. That should be someone that rejects great wealth and possessions and understands the honour it is to be king.

Go to the local food bank. Find the hardest working unpaid volunteer and make them king. I’m damn sure they will use their new found power to make a difference for everyone and have a share out of their new found untold riches.

Is there still a place for a king in 2023? That as always should be down to the people from where the king should derive his power.

These are indeed times of great change and great challenge. There are two greats resets at play. It’s going to be interesting seeing which one prevails.

Once the people realize it’s their choice the world will change.

In peace.



8 Responses to “What Are They Hiding?”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Wow! We already realised that this fool, and his ridiculous progeny, are not up to the job. But this is very very suspect. Surely they cannot get away with this? If they do then, I despair. There should be massive protests

    It is plainly obvious that all Brits need to SEE the FULL coronation in it’s entirety. Anything else is totally unacceptable

    But it’s not surprising. He’s already being allowed to declare that he is defender of “faiths” not “faith”. What does that actually mean? It’s gibberish. My assumption is that it signifies that the idiot will NOT renounce his political activity, WEF etc etc

    If so then, this will end very badly for him

    He’s got form too hasn’t he. When he married the divorcee Camilla then, if I remember correctly, it was said that she would never be called Queen because she’s a divorcee. She would be consort. Lo and behold they now call her Queen Camilla

    Further, I was amazed that he chose the name Charles. Does he not realise what happened to the previous two King Charles’. Maybe something similar in store for him?

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      These Windsors are of course really Saxe Coburg Gothas. They are a very motley crew too

      Greg Hallet questions the whole lineage, calling them usurpers, out of Rothschilds. I’ve seen no hard evidence of that

      But the evidence of our own eyes calls into question some of the official Windsor history

      George VI, Lizzies dad, was retarded [IQ less than 80], maybe even a moron [IQ less than 69]. All covered up of course but there are photos of him as an adult wearing a nappy and being pushed around in a wheelbarrow/pram by Lord Mountbatten, who was colloquially known as Mountanything. So was Lizzie really his son? Hard to credit for me. Hallett says she’s another bastard Rothschild and George VI is not her dad

      Who is Prince Andrews father? He’s the spit of Lord Porchester one of the dead queens favourite courtiers

      Ditto, Prince Edward, and Lord Plunkett?

      Ditto Prince William and King Juan Carlos of Spain

      Google images of them and decide for yourself

      Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      The msm spin is that Lizzie didn’t televise her anointing either

      Considering that the Arch of Canterbury is supposed to rub the oil into the sovereigns hands, breast and head then, perhaps that is understandable

      Britannica says:

      Today the sovereign is first divested of all symbols of status, leaving only the colobium sindonis (“shroud tunic”), a plain white linen gown. He or she then sits in the Coronation Chair, an ancient piece of furniture commissioned by Edward I to enclose the Stone of Scone, which he brought from Scotland to Westminster Abbey in 1296 (the stone was returned to Scotland in 1996, but it is lent out for coronations). A canopy of gold cloth is borne above the king or queen to shield the sacred act of anointing from view. The archbishop of Canterbury pours the holy oil from the Ampulla, an eagle-shaped vessel, onto the Coronation Spoon, the oldest piece of regalia, and daubs the monarch’s hands, breast, and head

      Maybe they are helping us? I’ve no desire to see this idiots, no doubt pendulous, tits

    • ian says:

      Two really excellent comments Pete. Thank you.

  2. Belyi says:

    Excellent article and excellent comments. I believe that the real Charles has gone and that this is a body double.

    It is all a charade anyway and I plan to spend the day more fruitfully by watching paint dry.

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Look at the photo of our royal dipstick at the top of this propaganda piece from the woke morons at the state propaganda org


    Then read the words

    Dear God, give me strength!