Vanessa Beeley – From Ukraine to Russia to China to Syria – what connects them all? Conversation with Brian Berletic

I speak with Brian Berletic of The New Atlas about the warp speed realignments taking place in the world right now as the West clings to its neocolonialist agenda despite the gathering Resistance storms.

A few of the very kind comments on YT:

“Very riveting interview between two of the most incisive and conscientious minds in the world of contemporary geopolitical analysis. Been following both Vanessa and Brian for a while now on this platform, as well as on Telegram, and there’s never a dull moment listening to you guys share your brilliant insights with us on the subjects we should all be paying close attention to.”

“This is so good! I cringe to know my mother turns on CNN the moment she rises, every day.  The US/NATO is increasingly exposed as the immature hegemon, the petulant 6 year old. China appears more as the quiet wise one watching confidently, 5,000 years of momentum driving its view. Of course, it’s not white ~ Tibet.  So, who gets to guide the principles of multipolarity now so eloquently described in China’s recent Initiatives and Alexander Dugin’s work? Is this Chinese unipolarity by default, in stark contrast to US style unipolarity by global more than local bullying? Are we seeing a natural correction to China, I guess? Will it work better? Likely.”

“Its great to hear a discussion that doesn’t simply buy into its own stock but cuts through the cacophony of self interested rhetoric.”