The Ursula Von Der Leyen File — A Real Sensation!

Before what remains of our government and country serves to pull our lives apart, I recommend that you view and listen to this.  It comes from an impeccable source and needs wide circulation. It is ‘unseen background’ on all the moves to control and eventually abolish nations.

The Ursula von der Leyen File – EU Commission President

13.03.2023 |

EU parliamentarians demand the resignation of the Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Reason: She is said to be part of a gigantic Covid 19 science fraud and a propaganda campaign. Due to her activities and the large conflicts of interest, she should resign. examines Ursula von der Leyen’s activities a bit closer and comes to results that belong on the front page of every newspaper! Ursula von der Leyen, mother of seven children, has had a storybook career. First family minister, then defense minister, she rose to become EU Commissioner in 2019. Her entire political career has been just as surprising as the frequent scandals surrounding her which have come to nothing. A group of EU parliamentarians led by demanded at a press conference in February of this year the immediate resignation of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The reason: “Ursula von der Leyen is part of a gigantic Covid-19 science scam and a propaganda campaign that has caused and will continue to cause a massive violation of human rights and freedoms. This is a threat to democracy in Europe. Because of her activities and major conflicts of interest, she should resign as Commission President.” Covid fraud? Violation of human rights and freedom? Threat to democracy? Conflicts of interest? The accusations weigh heavily. Kla.TV investigates to what extent they should be taken seriously.