The Onslaught on Your Children Continues

The Indoctrination System Caught on Audio

I’m sure the recording below is of just one of many lectures made in many schools on any given day. To me it is shocking but then I’m probably considered a “dinosaur” and “out of date with my beliefs”. This people is what the future generation of workers, thinkers and leaders are being subjected to and programmed by.

As sunlight is the greatest disinfectant maybe it’s time to personally identify these dangerous programmers and shine a light on their extreme views and actions.

Who is this guy? What is his background? Who funds him? Is he compromised? Are they his views or the schools?

Important questions for the safety of our young and for the security of the country.

I’m pro life, pro choice and pro freedom as I’m sure most are. Let children be children and let them make their own minds up when the time is right.

Home schooling never looked so appealing.

In peace.