The Modern Liquid Tree!?

The original Phooking Bird:

UK Column News 05.04.2023

Agenda 2030: Sandi Adams Is On The Case

29:57 UK Column interview: Sandi Adams: Agenda 2030

Glastonbury Town Council Meeting, 14th March 2023

Somerset Live: Residents hit out at ‘monstrosities’ after planters installed on Somerset high street

Unitary authorities of England

EnviroTech: The Liquid Tree—A Solution for Tackling Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Latest from Natural England

The Guardian: Tory MPs and farmers in clash with Natural England over Dartmoor sheep

Cornwall Live: Moors plan leaves Cornwall farm families fearing for their livelihoods

Sites of special scientific interest: managing your land

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The Liquid Tree?!



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7 Responses to “The Modern Liquid Tree!?”

  1. ian says:


  2. NPP says:

    Admittedly, I have not examined this new ‘technology’ carefully, and there may be beneficial use, but really, there is no discernible Co2 issue as I understand & how can you possibly replace a tree?

    Clown world continuum.

    • ian says:

      I always think, Ned, being a gardner, and knowing that plant nurseries use CO2 injection systems to boost CO2 availability when growing young plants, that there’s no problem. In addition. It was the assholes in charge, who gave us the oil industry culminating in plastics, and destroying natural material markets. For example, Italian hemp ropes were the best ropes you could get and were excellent, but Du Pont got hemp banned by using the reefer madness crap, to promote plastic products. It wasn’t us who destroyed the rain forests, or polluted the sea with Plastics and oil. It wasn’t us who made fortunes from cars electronics and other gadgets.
      They seem to be fed up with how it is now, Lets kill everybody, destroy everything, and start again.

  3. NPP says:

    I don’t do Co2 climate change. I deem it an utter nonsense.

    Patrick Moore, ex Greenpeace suggests some birds use pieces of plastic for digestive purposes within the gullet instead of pebbles. He also suggests GMO is not as bad as I assume it is.

    I drove to the airport yesterday and the side of the motorway was littered with plastics & trash most of the way. So ugly & disgusting. As I observed I sadly thought how England is going down the pan.

    We need open discussion & information dissemination across the board. Liquid Trees smack of a Monty Python sketch.

    • ian says:

      We’ll never get open discussion on a large platform Ned, it would be too dangerous for the owners. I’m in SW Scotland, but very British. What we had as British people is being taken from us at an excalating rate. We can see it, but my university student Granddaughter thinks I’m racist and bigotted, and I’m not. I’m against deliberate mass immigration, and I’m against the replacement of white British people, men especially by the culyural Marxist tactics which are currently being applied.

  4. NPP says:

    Never say never.

    I have never embraced -isms nor -ists. The idea that I would dislike another due to skin tone or cultural back ground is absurd. I find racism or feminism and alike bemusing.

    I recognise and loathe artificial induced mass immigration. British, English, I’m easy. I aspire to being free, thank you very much Tony Blair & co..