3 Responses to “The Legacy Of Thomas Paine Rocks On!”

  1. NPP says:

    Please, all TAPsters, share if you can.
    This is my home nursery school town.
    It seems there are at least a dozen local people participating in very local political activity.
    Support them.

  2. Tapestry says:

    that looks good. they’ll need leaflets. just the cut out of your thomas paine portrait without the other details would be nice as a front pagegraphic. as for text, ‘when government is revolting, thetford takes the lead’ – just off the top of the head.

  3. NPP says:

    That sits in a stair well practically out of view of the public.
    It was painted in the foyer with the public coming & going. I don’t do ‘performing monkey’ anymore.

    It seems these locals have their campaign well under control.

    I included a referece to Obama who quoted Paine during his inaugral speech.
    I wish I had not involved Obomba at all.

    It also features ‘rainbow’ colours because of my Istanbul 7 colour rainbow peace project & Paine had a reference to a ‘rainbow bridge’.
    Sadly today, the 7 colour peace rainbow has become 6 colours hijacked by politicised anal sex activists. Brian Sewell, who had more pricks up his backside than a 2nd hand dartboard, was my fave art critic, much missed & good friend, but he loathed the LBGTxyz crowd, as do I. Wish I’d just used a white background. I always get LGBT the wrong way round. As if I care; screw them, cultural Marxist A-holes.