The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 278 – KAOS


In this video i want to examine WHAT we are watching playing out in the MSM and SM from day to day! Can you SEE the rising tide of CHAOS everywhere and in particular the USA? We are watching the provocation of the people by every manner of violent, wicked and even senseless act. There APPEARS to be no SENSE to a lot of these events BUT i would caution you to LOOK more CLOSELY. The dictionary defines CHAOS as, ”Complete disorder and confusion.” From Old French (14c) meaning, “gaping void; empty, immeasurable space,” directly from Latin chaos, from Greek khaos meaning, “abyss, that which gapes wide open, that which is vast and empty.” You can see the difference in meaning of the word today. IF you KNOW your JESUIT enemy then you will SEE the STRATEGY of CHAOS they are using to bring ALL people into COMPLIANCE and CONTROL.

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