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The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 275 – Slo Mo Squeeze


The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 275 – Slo Mo Squeeze


William Boot – Jesuit Hunter : In this video i want to look at the THREE KEY COMPONENTS that together form the greatest danger to individual freedoms and safety. In fact these 3 things together will END ALL FREEDOMS for the UN-MARKED. For decades now the propagandized, militarized, systematized internet techie fan boys have been parading their stories of HIGH TECH 3rd world war armageddon that threatens the end of life on Earth as we knew it. Most of it is absolute nonsense. It isn’t high tech missile systems or stealth jets or swarm drones or nuclear bombs or 5G that pose the real threat to the unvaxxed. The 3 Key technologies that will bring everything to an end for the true people of God are 1) the Blockchain Internet, 2) fully automated stores and 3) the Mark body IMPLANT. That’s right. These 3 technologies combined seal the fate of those who need to buy and sell but don’t have the Mark. Everything is moving to payment by SCANNING. Soon access to FOOD, FUEL and SERVICES including the INTERNET itself will be by SCANNING an in the body IMPLANT. This TRIO of technologies will SQUEEZE the FAITHFUL into a very DIFFICULT POSITION! Learn more at: darknessisfalling.com How To Get Born Again and Become A Child of God! darknessisfalling.com/how-to-get-saved.html Following Jesus Christ & Counting the Cost! darknessisfalling.com/counting-the-cost.html The Holy Spirit darknessisfalling.com/the-holy-spirit.html The Roman Catholic “Mark Of The Beast” darknessisfalling.com/mark-of-the-beast.html The Jesuit Vatican New Age Deception darknessisfalling.com/the-jesuits-new-age-deception.html The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire Video Series – Ten Pages – 282 Videos darknessisfalling.com/dif-jesuit-vatican-shadow-empire-video-series-225455.html Face Book – Darkness Is Falling Video Series facebook.com/william.boot.7 Rumble – Darkness Is Falling Video Series rumble.com/c/c-360625?page=5