The ‘15 Minute City’ Concept Is Coming to Russia

“The principle of a 15-minute city should be pursued.” – Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow

Moscow is striving for the “15-minute city” principle, but currently implementing another program – “My District”.

The announcement was made on June 4 2021 by Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

Answering the host’s question about the concept of a 15-minute city, the mayor noted that this principle should be pursued.

“We have a different program. It is not called a “15-minute city”, it is called more simply – “My district”, which has everything: a kindergarten, a school, a hospital, a restaurant, trade, jobs, ”said Sobyanin.

The concept of a 15-minute city implies the time needed for residents to get to everything necessary, including the workplace. In particular, the Paris City Hall applies and promotes this idea. – ИА REGNUM

The Governor was presented with the first digital eco-quarter in the Voronezh Region

It is planned to be erected at the intersection of Minskaya and Ostuzheva streets near the METRO hypermarket. The governor supported the construction of a digital quarter.


The digital quarter involves a digital LCD control platform – a “smart” intercom with face recognition, parking entrance with license plate recognition, video surveillance with access for residents, and charging for smartphones in the yard. And the systems of a “smart” apartment, at the request of future residents, will be designed during construction.

Project Manager Alexander Brazhnik said it is planned to build 220 thousand square meters. meters, in which 7 thousand people will live. LCD “Klyuchi” is positioned as the first digital eco-quarter of the city with a developed social infrastructure. So, the construction of a school is being completed on its territory, and in September of this year, the first students will already sit at their desks. A kindergarten for 280 children was also designed there, land was allocated for the construction of a polyclinic and a sports complex.

According to project investor Eduard Krasnov, the management company of the residential complex is part of the developer’s group of companies and will serve the residents of its complex.

By the year 2030, Russian people will have their digital ID and brain implants, they will eat bugs and 3D-printed meat, own nothing, and be happy:

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One Response to “The ‘15 Minute City’ Concept Is Coming to Russia”

  1. newensign says:

    Of course Danceaway, its the same people rolling it out in Russia as elsewhere in the western countries, but Russia may fair better than rest because of its rejection of western decadence. The 15 minute city is all part of keeping the population penned in kill zones relating to agenda21/30 population reduction. The reason being 5G has a short range. Although more transmitters are being erected, this is not enough! Therefore, a few years back they installed smart lampposts with 5G transmitter, listening devices and cameras. LED lights enables them to see into your house. The is why we have seen so many road works going on which is to hard wire 5G into the lampposts, under the guise of utility works! There will be vaxxed and unvaxxed in the zone, however, the vaxxed via graphine oxide and self assembling nanobots travel to brain control centres and on a press of a button, the vaxxed will become zombies and will recognise unvaxxed persons and will attack them!
    So to summarise:
    Rollout 5G military battlefield weapon – Better Communications
    Replace old lampposts with smart one – Better Light and security
    Vaccinate the population – Protection against a dangerous and unidentified virus.
    Booster vaccines as the graphine-oxide is ejected slowly from the body
    Oh Damn! It’s been found that egg yolk helps remove Graphine-Oxide and spiked protein – Fowl-pest plandemic needed
    Corral people into 5G Kill zones Smart/20 min Cities
    Press 5G signal that will cause the vaccinated to become Zombies who will recognise the unvaxxed and attack them. End of story unless the transmitters and lampposts are disabled!
    Link to Swedish scientist who discovered the zombie aspect of vaccines: