Sniffer Joe Contemplates Spring Offensive

Of course, it’s questionable whether Sniffer Joe contemplates anything at all, apart from an ice-cream should it be placed in his hand. His handlers are certainly contemplating a Ukrainian spring offensive since they are determined to fight to the last available Ukrainian. Here he wanders about in John Major’s Steve Bell-Armani matching underpants and face-nappy. I recall BBC R4’s Eddie ‘Night’Mair, reporting on Russian prostitutes peeing on germaphobe Trump in a Moscow hotel room according to Christopher Steele’s dossier. Yet, Hunter’s laptop was a Russian figment of Miss. Information. Artworks may aspire to a spot of fun, but the reality is far deeper and darker.

Meanwhile, RFK Jr. has announced he’s running for US President.

The ever entertaining and frequently accurate forecaster Gerald Celente says RFK’s words reflect his own Occupy Peace policies.


RFK is questioning the covid1984 fiasco. If you haven’t, perhaps consider buying his book, available at the Children’s Health Defense website;

The Real Anthony Fauci: Big Pharma’s Global War on Democracy, Humanity, and Public Health

… where Collaborative Partners includes a link to who recently interviewed Andrew Bridgen who has now been accused of being a Russian ‘agent’ in the UK parliament debating chamber by Penny Mordaunting whose book includes an introduction by Bill Gates who told President Trump ‘we don’t need that’ in regards to RFK’s investigations into vaccine damage.

€U High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell compared Europe to a garden, and the rest of the world to a jungle. They are apparently deluded and their notion of any spring offensive against Russia being effective, equally delusional. Chins up! I suspect it is those threatening offensives will be forced to deal with their own short comings. JFK Jr. is a welcome addition to the US presidential race.

As for Joe, sniffing around the garden for opportunity to offend, try this:
Biden Crime Family…:7