Ryan Dawson On Joe Rogan Would Blow 9/11 Open.

Ryan opens with a critical words about 9/11 ‘kooks’, comparing them to virus-denier ‘kooks’. Without going into it more deeply, I suspect I am a potential ‘virus denier’ alongside Dr. Mike Yeadon who has re-evaluated all he’s considered the convention throughout his career. Never the less, this is the guy who would smash open 9/11 on the Joe Rogan Show or Jimmy Dore or similar widely watched platform.

Ryan Dawson Epstein Map
Sneako talks to Ryan Dawson in Japan. Ryan is a treasure trove on Epstein, JFK, 9/11, US civil ‘war of northern aggression’. He’s among the most censored geo-political analysers. I remember him being posted on David Icke’s website 15-20 years ago, but Icke has not featured him for years; probably because Ryan has a thing about 9/11 ‘kooks’; I do not share his views on virus theory, so he’d probably refer to me as a ‘virus-denier kook’, but if you want to know about 9/11, Epstein, JFK etc… this is your man.