Ruthless! U.S.A. Foments Coup d’etat in Sudan Just Two Weeks After Russia Approachment

Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Show April 15, 2023

Two weeks ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited the African nation of Sudan.  One of the topics discussed: A Russian Naval Base on the Red Sea.   Here we are two weeks after that discussion, the U.S. has fomented a military Coup in Sudan.

Russia’s agreement . . . out the window.  That’s how utterly RUTHLESS the USA is.  It took our CIA just two weeks to make it all happen.

You see, when the USA cannot get what we want by peaceful means, or bribery, we foment the overthrow of an entire country’s government.

It comes down to power. The USA is the Top Dog of this planet, and the people running the USA are not going to “allow” anyone else to unseat us.

Whatever it takes to keep hold of our power, the people running our government seem willing to do.  Economic sanctions, trade war, election fraud, bribery, or, as we see with Sudan (and as we saw with Ukraine) the OVERTHROW of a government.

The USA will not be dislodged from its perch above the world and anyone who tries, gets crushed, ruined, destroyed, or dead.

That is what our country has become.

That is why much of the world is distancing itself from us, and from our currency.

Unless the American People step up to put a stop to the way our government is doing things, I FEAR our country will get stopped.  By Russian nuclear missiles.

What choice are we leaving the Russians?   We won’t leave them alone.  We’ve been surrounding their country for decades with more and more NATO members — all of whom then start aiming missiles at Russia.

We smash countries — like Syria — who are allied with Russia.  We takeover countries that we cannot induce to join NATO (i.e. Ukraine), and when Russia tries to peacefully negotiate a naval base on the Red Sea with Sudan, we are now overthrowing the Sudan government.

No matter what Russia does, we interfere.  Sometimes peacefully.  Sometimes legally.  Most times through Bribery and force.

Sooner or later, the Russians are going to realize that the USA simply will not stop; will not peacefully co-exist.

When that realization happens, there will be only one choice Russia has left: To either utterly destroy the United States, or capitulate to it.

The sleazy douchebags who infest the US Government think Russia will capitulate.   I think Russia will push the launch button.


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